The minimum pension in 2021

In 2020, the USA began a large-scale pension reform, under which the government plans to gradually increase the age of retirement and increase the amount of benefits for retirees. The reform will last until 2028, but the minimum pension will rise in 2021. How much it will be increased? What else changes in this part are expected and what categories of recipients can count on them?

The current situation

The minimum old-age pension today is equal to one subsistence level (PMP). In each region of the Russian Federation has its own PMP, so the size of insurance payments, which were required age, often differ.

The national average “minimal” is 8.7 thousand rubles.

This amount is sufficient for satisfaction of basic needs, but sorely lacking to maintain average and above average standard of living. To partly remedy the situation, the government annually indexes pension payments in 2021 indexing are also provided, but this time it will be held under the new methodology.

The minimum pension in 2021

Indexing new

From 2020 onwards, changed the method of indexation, the corresponding instruction was given by President Vladimir Putin. We are talking about the immutability of the size of social payments. This means that in 2021, the surcharge shall be relative to the new size of PMP in a specific region and is paid in addition to the minimum pension.

How it works in practice? The pensioner receives 7.5 thousand rubles in the region where the subsistence minimum is equal to 9.5 thousand. Social Supplement, put it, will make 2 thousand roubles, and the minimum pension from January 1, 2021-the first will be equal to the subsistence minimum. Social Supplement paid to insurance, government and other allowances on retirement. But that’s not all.

From 1 January 2021, the amount of payments according to age will be indexed by 6.6%, and in April 2021 social benefits index by 7% — are factors inherent in the project budget.

In this case the predicted level of the official inflation rate yet recorded at the level of 3.8%.

Thus, the amount of indexation for pensioners with 01.01.20 will be 7500 x 6.6% = 495 rubles. The total amount to be paid will be equal to 7500 + 2000 + 495 = 9995 rubles. If the official inflation rate will be higher and, respectively, increase and indexation rate.

Below – is impossible

Currently, the subjects of the Russian Federation working on the new values of PMP and their claims. After that, the regions will refer to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, and that already they publicize.

The minimum pension in 2021

Data on some regions is already known, accordingly, it is possible to say what will be the minimum pension for residents of those territories.

  • 9173 RUB – in the Sverdlovsk region;
  • 8747 RUB – in the Oryol region;
  • 8522 rubles in Mordovia;
  • 8502 RUB – in the Udmurt Republic;
  • 8138 RUB – in Adygea;
  • 7953 rubles in Chuvashia.

To artificially reduce the standards of the regional authorities can not, because the rules of calculation are valid, the method of determining the subsistence minimum the same for all. Below the established PMP Handbook on retirement can not be.

The order of appointment surcharge

The procedure for the appointment of additional payments to recipients of social insurance and pensions are different. Recipients of the insurance pensions will increase to a new level of a living wage and index. Social pensions will not be indexed – their size will increase to the new size of the regional PMP. The Russian government plans to increase this category of payments 1 April of the following year.

What else to expect?

A living wage is increasing – in this regard, experts predict that pension payments will be raised regularly and inevitably. The level of the minimum pension in the following year, in their opinion, will be 9-9,2 thousands. The average for the USA it will grow on one thousand roubles. At the same time, experts doubt that supplements will improve the well-being of older people in retirement. Benefits for old age, as before, not enough for basic needs — inflation will “eat” premium.

The minimum pension in 2021

Working does not apply

The increase in payments will not affect the working pensioners – their benefits will remain the same as in 2020. The state does not index payments since the moratorium, according to which the fixed payment and the value of pension points is frozen. The amount of pension benefits depends on these two factors.

Working pensioners can count on a raise until August 2021 th, after the Pension Fund will recalculate and take into account the experience and contributions from previous periods. In this case, the allocation will cover the 2020-th year.

Retired pensioners will receive the sum of indexation and social payments (if payment below the subsistence level) in the following month after the official dismissal. FIU will recalculate the allowance given for missed indexation. The payee increased benefits will come in a few months.

The average annual amount of the pension

In 2020, the average annual amount of the insurance benefit in the USA is 14.5 thousand. In 2021 it will increase to 15.5-16 million. It is possible that in the course of the year there will be other legislative changes related to the reform.

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