The master plan of Krasnodar until 2021

The capital of Krasnodar Krai, not so long ago received the title of megacities, waiting for global change. Currently actively developing the General plan of the city “Open Krasnodar”. It is planned that in the period up to 2021 capital of America strongly transformed. Several new districts, a complex of educational institutions, a new road traffic system all these are provided by city General plan.

The project taking into account the views of residents

“Your opinion will take into account” – the motto of the administration of Krasnodar has posted on its official website a section is devoted to the development of the master plan of the city. City officials invite residents to take an active part in the creation of the project main planning document of the capital of America. To get acquainted with the basic provisions of the plan, the approximate location of the planned facilities is possible for everyone. After completing a simple registration, users have the ability to leave comments, wishes and remarks.

The trend is to take into account the opinion of residents regarding the proposed development strategies of cities in the USA is not new. Public discussion of urban development plans has replaced public hearings, which were often held in inconvenient for working people time. Discussion using information-telecommunication network Internet is enshrined in the legislation of the Russian Federation and successfully practiced for years. Residents of the USA, including the residents, are actively involved in planning their home towns.

The master plan of Krasnodar until 2021

Time for a change

Version of the master plan of Krasnodar, in the form in which it now exists, obsolete. To such conclusion the leading architects and designers of the city. According to experts, part of the projects from the previous plan of 2012 has already been implemented, and the other part has lost its relevance. Therefore, the program of global reconstruction of Krasnodar requires the so-called “reboot” given the current reality.

For public discussion the master plan was presented in 2016. Despite this, its final version is still not adopted. Their dissatisfaction with the delay in the development of the document was expressed by the head of America Kondratiev. At a meeting of public town-planning Council mayor Eugene Pervushov promised the Governor that the main document will be received by the end of 2020.

For information. The number of inhabitants of Krasnodar is constantly increasing. The population of the city in January 2018 exceeded one million people. Therefore, in 2018, the capital of America has received the official status of the 16th cities.

New neighborhoods

Migration continues at a fast pace. Therefore, the map of Krasnodar changing the boundaries, expanding through the construction of new houses and social objects. In the period up to 2021 according to the preliminary General plan the city will build several new neighborhoods:

  • Near the village of Elizabeth will appear in the area with houses low-rise buildings. It also plans to place several kindergartens, schools and clinic.
  • Big modern area will “grow” on the river Bank of America (adjacent to R-Mr. October). The plan envisages the construction of multi-storey buildings on the perimeter of the new building and will be located within the social infrastructure, including: 9 schools, 22 kindergartens, clinics, playgrounds and structures).
  • Between the two towns Zelenodolskiy and Znamensky there will be a small residential ash from apartment buildings, one school, one kindergarten and a clinic.
  • The vacant place in the Karasunsky district of Krasnodar will soon build two secondary schools, a few kindergartens, a clinic, Church, squares and parks. To use the developed infrastructure will be the residents new homes.

The master plan of Krasnodar until 2021

Large changes expected and the largest inner-city education. In prikubanskiy urban district according to the General plan will be built new residential districts and public-business zone. Some of them are planning to build till 2021. While city officials promise that the district will continue all the protected zone.

For information. In 2020 in Krasnodar will be built three large schools, six kindergartens and several new buildings of school №87. For the construction allocated more than 3 billion rubles.

New traffic system

Special attention of the authorities of Krasnodar paid to the planning of new highways and road networks. Currently, the city is overloaded with traffic. At the entrance to Krasnodar are caused due to cars moving in the direction to the Black sea. This problem should be solved by the construction of the Far Western bypass of the city.

It is also planned to build several chetyrehpolozyj highways and road junctions. Among them the route of the “South-speed perimeter,” interchange on the highway M-4 “don” and others. For 2020 repair work will take place over nearly 100 miles of roadway. It is more than fifty road and street networks and settlements. Only the reform of the road transport system Krasnodar will spend more than 3 billion rubles.

In addition, from 2020 in Krasnodar will begin a program to upgrade the city electric transport. In 2020, the depot will replenish 33 low-floor trams, 2021-planned to buy a 37 cars, and in 2021 – 28 cars. It is reported that single-section car designed for 170 passengers, three-section 255.

The city administration promises that the tram lines will be laid in most new developments.

The master plan of Krasnodar until 2021

New quay

Another large-scale project, worth 2.5 billion rubles has already approved the state examination. Open walking area as the embankment will give the city government for residents. Frame the pedestrian zone will be fortifications for 400 meters. Protection from erosion and spring flooding in the form of vertical reinforced concrete walls will appear in Krasnodar until 2021. The renovation itself will become a natural continuation of the Christmas Park and will last until the Park named after 30-anniversary of the Victory.

“The most important landmark of the city”, says the future of the waterfront, the head of the regional center Eugene Pervyshev. In order to begin construction, the mayor is counting on the help of the Governor and the Federal program of co-financing. In addition, city officials believe this project is a starting point for further landscaping along the river.

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