The lunar calendar haircuts for February 2021

Lunar calendar will help you learn and to select the most auspicious days for haircuts in February 2021, depending on the phase of the moon.

The lunar calendar haircuts for February 2021

That hair keep a unique human strength and resource, has long been known. Many know the ancient Greek myth of the lost power Samson after his hair cut. Not only the ancient Greeks, but also our ancestors in Russia attentive to hair and especially to its change. Knew special days in the lunar cycle when it is beneficial to do so as not to hurt yourself and lose your energy.

Lunar calendar specifies the location of the moon and its influence in certain zodiacal signs, and also indicates auspicious and inauspicious days, when is the best time to change your hairstyle or get a haircut.

The lunar calendar haircuts for February 2021 will tell you when it’s time to schedule a trip to the hairdresser, and what days of the month you should refrain from visiting the salon.

Calendar haircuts for February 2021 in the table

The moon has a influence on any action with human hair. – Calculated and pre-planned an auspicious day for haircuts, you will be able to maintain and increase your mental strength and peace of mind, and also get the chance to leave negative energy in the past and to strengthen their harmonious state.

Date, day of the weekMoon phase, zodiac signThe energy of the dayAstrological recommendation
01.02, SaturdayRising, TaurusFavorableHair grow faster, roots become stronger. The appearance of hair will improve favorably to paint the gray hair, to strengthen or lighten the hair.
02.02, SundayRising, Taurus
03.02, MondayRising, TaurusFavorablePay attention to the thinking through of hairstyles and styling, this will strengthen the relationship with the cosmos. Haircut on this day removes negative emotions.
04.02, TuesdayGrowing TwinsFavorableIt is desirable to make a light and airy hair. A good day for Curling, tinting and hair coloring.
05.02, WednesdayGrowing TwinsGenerally favorableHaircut attracts financial well-being. It is recommended that dyeing with natural dyes. Favorably any interaction with the hair.
06.02 ThursdayGrowing, Cancer
07.02 FridayGrowing, Cancer
08.02, SaturdayGrowing LeoGenerally favorableIt is recommended to wait with a Perm – she can be very durable. Beneficial hair straightening. Staining a dark color will help to avoid trouble.
09.02, SundayFull, Lion
10.02, MondayWaning, Virgo
11.02, TuesdayWaning, VirgoGenerally favorableDay helps to strengthen hair and improve their appearance.
12.02, WednesdayWaning, Libra
13.02, ThursdayWaning, Libra
14.02 FridayWaning, Scorpio
15.02 SaturdayWaning, Scorpio
16.02 SundayWaning, SagittariusAdverseHair can become unruly. Possible problems with the choice of color. Haircut in the day may cause trouble.
17.02 Monday,Waning, Sagittarius
18.02 TuesdayWaning, Sagittarius
19.02 WednesdayWaning Capricorn
20.02, ThursdayWaning CapricornFavorableThanks to the haircut your hair will be healthy and strong, will cease to split and fall out. Good day for dyeing, toning, Perm. The day has come for a fundamental change of hair color.
21.02, FridayWaning, AquariusOverall adverseA haircut can have a negative impact on physical activity, the hair can slow down your growth. It is recommended that a simple hairstyle.
22.02 SaturdayWaning, Aquarius
23.02 SundayNew, FishAdverseMowing can cause the appearance of dandruff. Perming or colouring contraindicated in this day. The day is suitable to owners of fine hair, for carrying out restorative procedures.
24.02, MondayGrowing FishGenerally favorableDyeing with natural dyes will open doors to money energy. A good day to experiment with the form of hair, length of hair and color. Unfavorable Perm.
25.02, TuesdayGrowing FishGenerally favorableAdverse chemical perms, haircut but You will attract money energy. Dyeing with natural dyes have a positive impact on career success. It is recommended to create a concise hairstyle.
26.02, WednesdayRising, Aries
27.02, ThursdayRising, AriesGenerally favorableFavorable head massage, tinting, dyeing. It is recommended that lush hair. Staining the bright color will attract business connections.
28.02, FridayRising, Taurus
29.02, SaturdayRising, TaurusFavorableVery favorable day for all procedures with the hair. It is recommended to style it with curls. The haircut contributes to the strengthening and growth of hair.

The most auspicious days for haircuts in February 2021

Knowing when to cut hair in January 2021, you will be able to preserve the health and beauty of your hair.

The lunar calendar haircuts for February 2021

For the strengthening and growth of hair it is recommended to schedule a haircut in the first or last ten days of February, on the growing moon. In the middle of the month hair treatments are not recommended. The most favorable days for cutting hair in February 2020– 1, 3, 4, 20, 29. These days the haircut and coloring it will benefit Your beauty and health of hair. Adverse just 2 days – on 16 and 23 February and 21 February. Try not to plan a visit to the salon and the procedures for these dates.

See video about the moon’s influence on hair growth:

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