The little mermaid-2021 movie: Disney, actors, release date

Disney plans to start releasing remakes and spin-offs of almost all classic animated projects. The new “little mermaid”, which will be released in 2021, caused a lot of scandals in the network related to the selection of actors. This time the role of the Princess of the underwater world will be played by 19-year-old black actress and R&B singer Holly Bailey.

The little mermaid-2021 movie: Disney, actors, release date

The plot will remain unchanged

The depths of the seas and oceans hide many secrets. One of them is the existence of mermaids. The story of the charming Princess Ariel, who made a deal with a witch to win the love of a human Prince, has long attracted the attention of viewers. The 2021 film “the little Mermaid” will be a remake and retain the classic plot. This is another film adaptation of the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Ariel falls in love with Prince Eric, but is unable to go ashore. The girl bravely goes to the witch Ursula and gets legs in exchange for a magic voice.

In the cartoon, which was released in 1989, the cult image was collected from three people minimally. The prototype appearance was Alyssa Milano, a 16-year-old star of the project “Who’s the boss here?”. Jodie Benson, a theater actress, was responsible for the voice acting, and the body plastic went to the heroine from model sherry Stoner. It was her movements that were the basis for the sketches of animators.

Modern feature films take the appearance, voice and plastic of a single actress. This condition is especially important to observe if the picture will be promoted to the “Oscar”.

The little mermaid-2021 movie: Disney, actors, release date

The Dark-Skinned Little Mermaid

The actors who will star in the film “the little Mermaid” in 2021 have been determined. It remains to wait for the picture to turn out. Large-scale search, which was conducted by Disney, ended with a kind of sensation. The main role went to a young singer who is just beginning her ascent to fame. For Holly Bailey, this is the first role, which means that fans will not compare her with anyone else. Producers and Director Bob Marshall are thrilled with the girl’s creative background.

Many fans of the classic project are not thrilled with such radical changes, but they will have to wait for the release of the picture and only then evaluate the idea of the authors.

Users of the networks was actively fighting to replace the actress because of the fact that she is black.

The dark-skinned little Mermaid was even discussed in the American media:video

Cast and crew

For a long time, it was unknown who would play the role of Prince Eric. Harry style, who was the first to receive the offer, could not accept it, as the tight schedule did not allow. Recently it became known that the main character will be Jonah Hauer-king — “the World on fire”.

The rest of the characters will embody:

  • Jacob Tremblay — the flounder fish;
  • Aquafina-scuttle gull;
  • Melissa McCarthy as the witch Ursula;
  • Javier Bardem – king Triton;
  • David Diggs as Sebastian the crab.

In the Director’s chair of the remake is Rob Marshall, who recently completed work on ” Mary Poppins returns.” The script will be written by Jane Goldman, with music by Alan Menken and Lin — Manuel Miranda.

The first “little mermaid” had a budget of 40 million dollars and collected a little more than 211, thereby paying off five times. How much will Disney get in 2021? Work on the project is just beginning, the trailer for the film “the little Mermaid” in 2021 has not yet been released, but fans expect fresh news and bombard social networks with questions and assumptions. In Andersen’s original fairy tale, the little Mermaid turns into sea foam. Most likely, the filmmakers will stick to the original story.

The little mermaid-2021 movie: Disney, actors, release date

Actors who will play in “the little Mermaid” in 2021, will embody the bright and colorful characters of the new fairy tale. They will take part in an amazing action, experience a lot of emotions and pass them on to viewers who dream of a miracle. The wait is very short, and in the meantime, you can review the first film.

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