The light metro in the Moscow region in 2021

From 2017 began active construction of new lines and stations, and Skytrain station, which should bind the most significant cities in the suburbs. The total length of the lines of light rail transport will be 245 km, number of stations it is planned to build 45 to 50. Diagram of a light metro in the Moscow region in 2021 will help to understand which settlements it connects.

The essence of the project

Talking about the construction not subside for several years. Use this information and unscrupulous developers predict likely development, thus trying to increase sales on their own sites.

The term “light rail” was a long time, 13 years ago was erected the first branch, connecting the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line and southern Butovo. The main difference of this type of metro is that it’s isolated from the General transport system of the city. He is a hybrid, based on the classic subway with elements of light rail vehicles. The total length of paths will be approximately 246 km, on the territory of the capital will be 54 km. to the already Known and the speed of the trains will vary from 45 to 100 km per hour. In the diagram you can see how by means of transport 20 will be connected to the most important cities of Moscow region: Odintsovo, Podolsk, Balashikha, Reutov, Khimki, etc. of the Moscow region Government has allocated for the implementation of the project 250 billion rubles. 50 billion rubles will be invested by different investors.

The light metro in the Moscow region in 2021

Will look like light rail in 2021

Surface metro and surrounding areas will draw in the same style, based on the principles of “aesthetic of urban studies”. This style will be visible on the cars, points to the spot, absorbing noise screens, fencing poles, lighting structures, all of the pointers. Built underground on special trestles, and tunnel stations equipped with units for transplants. The composition of the light transport will include not more than five cars and at least two. The station will be placed on the street. How will the scheme after a few years, tell and various news sources. Regional metro will interconnect the four Moscow airports: Vnukovo, Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Zhukovsky.

The light metro in the Moscow region in 2021

Known and estimated fare. It will be similar to the price of the ticket to the normal metro, which now stands at 50 rubles. The experts give a negative Outlook, explaining that ground transportation will be unprofitable. They cite data and figures of passenger traffic between cities in the region. In their opinion, with so many passengers unable to cope with ordinary buses and trains.

The light metro in Balashikha

Balashikha is not possible to build a classical station, but to create a light rail there are good conditions. The settlement is already included in the project for the merger of the four major Metropolitan airports. If you look at the diagram Skytrain 2021, in Balashikha ground station most likely will be located on the site of the existing station. Since the ring line is created in the same style, the existing station completely redone.

The project on creation of light rail were developed in 2016. When will come the turn of Balashikha? Depending on how quickly are investors. And the attraction of investment depends on prospects of recoupment branch.

The light metro in the Moscow region in 2021

If you look from another point of view, there are reasons for the appearance of surface routes in Balashikha will be quite logical:

  1. Big load on radial railway lines and the new lines will reduce the load by more than 15%.
  2. The construction of the ground station is beneficial to property owners who will be able to bring in new projects.

A similar situation exists with the Krasnogorsk. There are so many options of transport communication with Moscow, so the area is not very attractive to investors. Scheme of light metro in the Moscow region in Krasnogorsk 2021 also involves making significant changes to existing infrastructure. Causes lighttransparent branches many, main of which – the inability to build in Krasnogorsk conventional underground metro.

The light metro in a Prominent

The initiative of the Moscow authorities to build by 2021 light rail can greatly improve living conditions in some cities. Diagram of a light metro in a Conspicuous in 2021 was developed several years ago. In 2016, the project was almost approved, but its implementation was postponed. The first branch in a Visible plan to launch in the near future. The overall concept, work plan and budget is approved, it is only necessary to erect certain structures, to perform work on the veneer and put it into operation. According to the scheme in 2021 light rail in the suburbs in the Visible and the map sequence of the whole, it is evident that the branch will relieve the problem, commuter routes.

The light metro in the Moscow region in 2021

Scheme Skytrain 2021 in Odintsovo

Skytrain is a specific type of transport by which passengers will travel between the different settlements. Light rail stands out with its several advantages:

  • it is more speed;
  • can accommodate more people;
  • will reduce the burden on the other land transport.

The first branch will be opened in a couple of years, as evidenced by the new scheme 2021 LRT in the suburbs. Odintsovo – Lobnya should be one of the first branches. The length of the route is 52 km, the train will pass this distance in about 60 minutes. The route will be called the North-West diameter and include 27 stops. Total diameter will run about 53 compounds.

Andrey Vorobyev, Governor of Moscow region, at the opening of movement of trains-the Express trains “Odintsovo” said that at the end of 2020 there is the possibility that the Central diameter will connect Moscow and Lobnya, and MKD-1 is fully operational.

The light metro in the Moscow region in 2021

From 2021 to 2025 will be launched 7 Central diameters that can cover all directions of the Moscow region. Diagram of a light metro Rail in 2021 assumes that the city will connect direct routes from Nakhabino and Odintsovo. Opening of new stations to look forward to not only the passengers, who faced transport problems. Experts believe that after the launch will increase property prices in the area, which will please the owners of residential property.

In Zheleznogorsk already exists the existing network, but it is odnopoliy branch around the city. It currently consists of 10 stations, but in accordance with the scheme 2021, the light metro in Zheleznogorsk will start to grow significantly and new directions. More information can be seen on the map that pinpoints the approximate date of the opening of the stations.

As will be introduced the light metro in the Moscow region: video

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