The last hero: the Root of all evil – the movie 2021

Promising the end of the first film left no doubt that the audience expects a continuation of the adventures of past heroes, where the heroes have to find the root of all evil. The picture will appear on the screens in 2021. With an impressive budget of 650 million rubles, the authors have the opportunity to show imagination and to treat fans of spectacular scenes and vivid characters.

The last hero: the Root of all evil – the movie 2021

Premiere in the world: Two thousand twenty one

Premiere in USA: 24 Dec 2021

Country of origin: USA

Directors: Dmitriy Dyachenko

The cast: Viktor Horinyak, Mila Sivickaja, Ekaterina Vilkova, Elena Yakovleva, Konstantin Lavronenko, Evgeniy Dyatlov, Timofey Tribunal

New roles for favorite actors

The project has attracted the attention of not only a fascinating story, but also unusual images of the long-familiar actors. In the sequel, which is called “the Last hero. The root of all evil” the main role performed by Viktor Horinyak, who starred in the famous TV series:

  • “Kitchen”;
  • “Hotel Eleon”;
  • “Grand” and many other paintings.

The last hero: the Root of all evil – the movie 2021A regular guy who found himself in a fantasy world, trying to resist reality and want to send it back. In today’s reality he is a small con man and absolutely not ready for heroic deeds.

In the role of Vasilisa the wise – Mila Sivaca. It is her character instructs the magician Svetozar, under the name of which is Ivan Naydenov in the normal world on the right path.

The last hero: the Root of all evil – the movie 2021

Not without difficulty, characters will be able to find common ground and speak out against the evil sorceress the barbarians (Ekaterina Vilkova).

The last hero: the Root of all evil – the movie 2021

Computer graphics helped to create an amazing creature – the Water in which it is very difficult to know Sergey Burunov. He takes the side of the descendant of Ilya Muromets and ready to sacrifice their lives for new friends.

The last hero: the Root of all evil – the movie 2021

A good man is not aware that he will have to save the Earth and change her past and future. Film 2021 will tell about the further adventures, in which veteran Ivan will fight with the evil forces. They are very close, so that the danger could not be avoided.

Interesting information! The authors came to the study details the epic history, organized several expeditions to the Urals and Krasnodar Krai. Shooting will be held in special halls with amazing scenery. According to the schedule, the process is in full swing from July 2020.

Interesting facts:

  • “The last Bogatyr” had incredible success at the box office, the film was seen every third USAнин;
  • the film has collected 2 billion rubles;
  • the sequel will have lots of new characters and there will be an alternative version of the famous tale “the Gingerbread man”, and the main character is on the dark side;
  • Mir belogorya will sparkle with new colors and special details; to make up Baba Yaga, took five hours;
  • young performer of the role of Vasilisa the wise, Mile Sivakou at the time of filming was 18 years old;
  • to create the swamp, decorators spent two hundred tons of water.

The last hero: the Root of all evil – the movie 2021

The interest is growing, but the responsibility too

The authors of fairy tales have a difficult task. After reviewing the events of the first part and loved the characters, the viewer will not schlock. Often sequels are more strictly evaluated and compared with wichtowski paintings very picky. Need to surpass the original, to surprise of fans who look forward to 2021 and anticipate another dip in the fantastic world.

The last hero: the Root of all evil – the movie 2021

We all come from childhood

“The last hero 2” will love the audience, because there are a lot of moments. The actors are fun, charging the atmosphere with positive energy. Russian fantasy has a right to exist, especially since his heroes do not need to invent, creating new world. They live in fairy tales and legends, come to visit in childhood to influence the further life and prove that good always triumphs over evil.

Ivan will not be easy, but it has worthy assistants who are willing to fight against the dark forces and to take responsibility for the existence of the world. One of us will be able to perform such a mission, if you find yourself in another reality? To think about it.

In anticipation of the official trailer, due out before the start of 2021, we offer you to look as I began shooting pictures “the Last hero: the Root of all evil”:

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