The KHL all-star game in 2021

The KHL (Continental hockey League) is an annual friendly match involving the strongest and most famous players.

Basic information

The first was held in the 2008/2009 season at the red square in . In 2010, the match format is a little modified – it is now a confrontation between the Western and Eastern conferences. Team composition is determined by voting, which is placed on the site of the match. Thus it is formed by several groups: choose 1/3 fans, 1/3 – journalists and 1/3 of the League. Accordingly, each Cup composed of the new team.

The KHL all-star game in 2021

Also change shape athletes that develops the League every year. From 2017 the format of the games introduced by the divisions, which divided the Western and Eastern conference.

12 KHL all-star game 2021 will be held traditionally in the beginning of the year, namely the weekend of 18-19 January 2021.

The competition will be held according to the rules, which were updated and installed in 2017:

  • Will be a mini-tournament 5v5.
  • When conducting the semi-finals, will meet the teams of the two conferences: West and East. The winners of the matches qualify for the finals, where they will fight for the victory, and the losing team for third place.
  • Each match lasts for 20 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes there is an exchange gate.
  • If the game ends in a tie then assign a series of bullets at the end of which the winner will be chosen.

The KHL all-star game in 2021


The Western conference is divided into two parts: Division Tarasov and Bobrov Division. In the Bobrov Division we see the teams:

TeamThe cityCountryThe year of Foundation
DynamoRigaLatviaTwo thousand eight
JokeritHelsinkiFinlandOne thousand nine hundred sixty seven
SKAUSAOne thousand nine hundred forty six
SpartacusOne thousand nine hundred forty six
SeverstalCherepovetsUSAOne thousand nine hundred fifty five
DynamoUSAOne thousand nine hundred forty six

In the Tarasov Division, we can observe the following command:

TeamThe cityCountryThe year of Foundation
KnightPodolsk, Moscow region.USAOne thousand nine hundred ninety six
DynamoMinskBelarusOne thousand nine hundred forty eight
LocomotiveYaroslavlUSAOne thousand nine hundred fifty nine
SochiSochiUSATwo thousand fourteen
TorpedoNizhny NovgorodUSAOne thousand nine hundred forty six
USAАUSAOne thousand nine hundred forty six

Similarly, the Eastern conference is divided into two components:

  1. Division Kharlamov. This year it involves athletes of the Russian teams:
TeamThe cityThe year of Foundation
MotoristEkaterinburgTwo thousand six
AK BarsKazanOne thousand nine hundred fifty six
MetallurgMagnitogorskOne thousand nine hundred fifty five
NeftekhimikNizhnekamskOne thousand nine hundred sixty eight
TractorChelyabinskOne thousand nine hundred forty seven
SiberiaNovosibirskOne thousand nine hundred sixty two
  1. Division Chernyshev, at the moment, multinational. In addition to the Russian team there are athletes from China and Kazakhstan.
TeamThe cityCountryThe year of Foundation
VanguardOmskUSAOne thousand nine hundred fifty
AdmiralVladivostokUSATwo thousand thirteen
CupidKhabarovskUSAOne thousand nine hundred fifty seven
BarysNur-SultanKazakhstanOne thousand nine hundred ninety nine
Kunlun Red StarBeijingChinaTwo thousand sixteen
Salavat YulaevUfaUSAOne thousand nine hundred sixty one

We will remind that earlier teams as well were:

  • Atlant, Donbass (Ukraine).
  • Lada (the city of Poprad, Czech Republic).
  • Lev (Prague, Czech Republic).
  • Chemist.
  • Yugra.
  • Medveščak.
  • Metallurg (Novokuznetsk).
  • HC MVD.

Also in this championship will not participate “Slovan” (Bratislava, Slovakia). According to some sources, a refusal to participate has occurred due to financial difficulties.

The KHL all-star game in 2021

Which will host the KHL all-star game in 2021?

The event venue is already selected. The original version, according to rumors, was the city , but later changed the decision.

As told by one of the members of the Board of Directors, he also is the former head of the League Alexander Medvedev, the contest will be held at the home stadium of Dinamo “VTB-Arena”. In this vast property is not only hockey, but also football arena. In the conversation Medvedev said that the hockey arena is in excellent condition, so worry about the level of the game is not worth it. He gave the rationale for the selection of the place where will be the Match of CHL stars 2021. According to him, the reason for this was several factors:

  • developed infrastructure of the city;
  • decent arena;
  • the financial side;
  • intelligent administration.

An additional factor was logistics, so as to transport the participants of the tournament is not a problem. Another plus is the lack of a large time difference.

The KHL all-star game in 2021

The all – star game is feast for fans

As stated by Medvedev, week of stars promises to be enjoyable for residents and guests of the capital, as the League promises to bring to the city a real bright holiday.

However, his statement did, and Alexander Kozhevnikov (Olympic champion). He finds a strange choice for the Match of CHL stars 2021. Alexander said that Muscovites the holiday will be interesting enough, as in enough hockey. He offered to bring children from orphanages, who love this sport, because they have no opportunity to visit the Championships at this level. In his opinion, it is desirable to Match the stars in the smaller towns that are not so saturated with events related to hockey.

See video with the best moments of the KHL all-star game 2020:

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