The increase of pensions and Moscow region in 2021

As in all regions of the Russian Federation, and the Moscow region scheduled the next increase of pensions in 2021. However, there is no innovation, only continues the systematic implementation of government programs. And this trend will continue for the next 4 years.

For pensioners

In accordance with Federal law No. 350-FZ of 03.10.18 the government refused to peg the inflation rate and set strict limits – yearly indexation should be 1000 p. However, from 1 January 2021 not all seniors will see such a result.

This is due to the fact that the increase in RF is calculated from the value of the average pension in the country, and by 2021 this amount will be 15459,85 R. If you increase it to 1000 p., you get a growth of 6.6%. Accordingly, all payments to pensioners are increased by these percentages. So it turns out that for those who monthly receives less than 15.5 thousand R. the increase will be less than promised by the state.For example, when pension 10000 p. increase will amount to only 660 R.

Minimum payments

According to part 1 of article 12.1 of law No. 178-FZ of 17.07.1999 “On state social assistance” minimum pension cannot be below the Subsistence minimum of a pensioner(PMP). In 2021, this value is considered to be under the new formula proposed by the Ministry of labour to prevent artificially low figure. For some regions these changes have led to increase it by $ 2000

In fact, if payments from the state PMP below, it will be compensated to match the living wage. For the Metropolitan region in 2021, the increase in the minimum pension will be approximately 500 p.: up to 12578 R. and R. 9908 in the area. However, it is understood that the surcharge to a living wage takes into account all measures of social support. They include:

  • monthly payments and social services;
  • compensation for travel on public transport, Telecom services and utilities;
  • urgent pension payment;
  • social welfare measures.

If the total of all payments below the subsistence level, the state pays the compensation of the resulting difference individually. Depending on the PMP will be indexed social and state pensions, and this increase for residents and the Moscow region will take place on 1 April 2021.

The increase of pensions and Moscow region in 2021

For working pensioners

From 2016 no change in state policy occurred. The increase in pensions for working people in 2021 will occur in August upon recalculation of seniority accumulated during the previous year. The odds are also not increased since the date of issuance status of a pensioner.

Price retirement points for 2021 will amount to 93 R. Subsequently, it will grow by about 5 p. every year.

Working pensioner can not rely on annual indexation. In addition, the Supplement to PMP level are also not possible even when all sources of income total below this value. But for the residents there is another option of increase of pensions in 2021, actively discussing in the forums of the capital.

The city social standard

The standard of living and consequently the cost of goods and services for the residents of the capital are higher than for any other Russian cities. To compensate for this difference in size of pensions and necessary expenses in addition to increasing the amount of the monthly charges provided in the additional payment to the City social standard (GHS), which will also be indexed in 2021, It determines the optimal value of income for residents of the capital, which can provide all needs.

The increase of pensions and Moscow region in 2021

From 1 September 2020 GSS was installed by the municipality capital at the level of 19500 R. additional Payments for matching revenues to this level are produced from the regional budget and is available to all recipients of insurance pension. The main thing to comply with just one condition. You must have a permanent registration on the territory of the capital for at least 10 years. Otherwise pay more than the standard for the entire Russian Federation.

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