The Holy virgin movie 2021

The world has suffered many changes. Soothsayers and psychics never betray persecutions, though in this sphere a lot of scammers who would not hurt a good thrashing. The film “the virgin,” which will be released in 2021 created in the genre of historical romance. It will give viewers the opportunity to travel in the seventeenth century and to reveal the secret life of the inmates of a monastery.

The author and his achievements

Religion causes too many questions, so to engage in such projects needs real experts. In this respect, a high level of professionalism Paul Verhoeven is without a doubt. He created a considerable number of masterpieces, among which stand out “Robocop” “total Recall,” “Basic instinct”. The controversial and unpredictable man confidently breaks new ground in cinematography, and then the beaten track for him to move the rest of the Directors. The next project promises the audience a lot of emotions and will certainly attract the attention.

The Holy virgin movie 2021

The basis for the script was the historical work of Judith C. brown, entitled “the Life of nuns and lesbians in the Italian Renaissance”.

The plot

Strict rules of past times only at first glance seem tough and uncompromising. If deeper you dig into the biographies of historical personages, appear so unsightly facts, it becomes clear – do not violate the usual scenario, it is better to let it remain as it is.

Film 2021 “Holy maiden” will tell about the life and work of the sisters of Benedetti karlini, which has long been considered a prophetess. After identifying some of the facts she was accused of homosexuality and fraud. The public wanted blood and revenge, claiming that the woman skillfully fabricated miracles.

The heroine was in the monastery of nine children and lived a regular and quiet life, which could continue in this plan until old age, but fate decided otherwise. About 23 years have formed girls start religious visions with a touch of eroticism. At the same time, the nun becomes the abbess of the monastery and loudly declares that consummated the marriage with the Lord. Pure thoughts and a desire to help humanity begin to intertwine with the baser passions, it is real and based in reality.

The Holy virgin movie 2021


The main role is played Virginie Ether, Belgian actress and television presenter. Actors can plunge into the historical past and embody the strange story that causes the most mixed emotions. Partners on set would be Charlotte Rampling, Clotilde KURO, Olivier Rabourdin, Lambert Wilson, Louis Chevillot and others.

Interesting fact! The interrogation in this case lasted about four years, the author managed to find in the archives of the transcripts with the details. According to the court karlini was sentenced to imprisonment and held in prison for 35 years. To serve his sentence and then death intervened.

People always dreamed to see fate, so the news about the Catholic prophetess quickly spread around and reached the ears of the representatives of the law. Vision nuns were very disturbing and twisted with a kind of demonism. This has led to a high-profile investigation, which began to engage representatives of the papacy. Only the fact of clairvoyance could have been the cause of persecution, but when it became known other details, the case has become a spicy tinge. As it turned out, Benedetti was the relationship of the earth is quite level with the other occupant of the monastery, sister Bartolomea…

Life became a series of sufferings, the accusations of forbidden homosexual love in the territory of the abode of God (!) and the attempt to cover up the illegal acts of counterfeit miracles.

The Holy virgin movie 2021

Love as salvation

There is no doubt that on the basis of rich historical material Paul Verhoven and his colleagues manage to create something loud and ambitious. The plot is still unknown, but expectations are very high and it is hoped that the forthcoming masterpiece will answer many questions and make you think about the connection of past and future.

Really, after the imprisonment of the Epiphany left the unfortunate nun, and she had to live in terror and humility? The amazing fate that could have turned out very differently and turn into a normal story if not for the intervention of Providence. So what was it – a gift, a curse or a hoax?

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