The gingerbread on the New 2021

To prepare the gingerbread on the New 2021 will be a housewife. The tradition of making baked goods for the holidays came to Russia from Europe. Cakes have increasingly become a real decoration of the festive table. They are often used as Christmas decorations. The main feature of this baking is unbelievable aroma. It certainly added cinnamon, cloves and other spices. The cooking process is simple, deal with it, even the young mistress.

The gingerbread on the New 2021

Gingerbread with honey

To knead the dough which will be baked festive cakes, prepare the following ingredients:

  • 650 g flour;
  • a Cup of sugar;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 200 g of butter;
  • 4 tablespoons of honey;
  • teaspoon ground ginger;
  • 2 packs of baking powder;
  • teaspoon cinnamon;
  • a pinch of crushed cloves;
  • tablespoon of cocoa.

The gingerbread on the New 2021

To softened butter add sugar, beat with a mixer after. The mass will increase in volume. The grains of sugar should not be felt. One by one add the eggs and honey. Stir the mixture with a spatula after each added item, although you can use a mixer, but turn it on low speed.

The gingerbread on the New 2021

Important! The honey should be liquid. If bee products are already sugar, pre-heat it.

To the sifted flour add the remaining dry ingredients. The oil-honey mixture gradually add the dry products. Knead the dough with a spatula or spoon. Then let it stand a couple of hours in the fridge, but first wrap it with cling film.

The gingerbread on the New 2021

Roll out the dough quite thin (5 mm), and then cut out the desired figures. Bake need at a temperature of 170-180 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Not worth much to dry cakes. They should remain soft. Let them cool completely, and then proceed to the decoration. At this stage you can immerse yourself in creativity. Use prepared or your home-made frosting. To give the necessary color of the glaze, add the dyes, but only the food. How can I decorate the gingerbread on the New 2021, look at the photos.

The gingerbread on the New 2021

Christmas gingerbread cookies without eggs

Prepared in a simple recipe pastries are served on the table, to present to friends, relatives as a gift or to hang on the tree. You will need a minimum of products:

  • 300 g whole wheat flour;
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar;
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder;
  • 140 g of honey.

If there is not a whole grain flour, suitable and conventional. You can experiment a bit and take the rye flour. Be sure to add spicy spices:

The gingerbread on the New 2021

All spices should be taken in the form of a hammer. Every spice you will need for a quarter of a teaspoon, but the recipe can be adjust to fit your tastes.

The cooking process consists of several stages:

1. To melted butter add the sugar and honey. Stir so that the sugar is dissolved.

The gingerbread on the New 2021

2. While the mixture is cooling, sift the flour. Add spices and baking powder. If the house did not have baking powder, replace it with a 0.5 teaspoon of baking soda.

3. Connect the liquid and dry the part of when the oil has cooled. The dough will be rather soft, though sticky it should not.

The gingerbread on the New 2021

4. Place it for a couple of hours in the refrigerator, after covering film.

5. Roll out the dough thickness of about 0.5 cm Cut out figures. Real decoration of the festive table for the New 2021 will be cakes in the form of rats or mice. Mistress will be happy to have such a treat.

The gingerbread on the New 2021 The gingerbread on the New 2021

6. Send in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Baking temperature is 180 degrees.

Tip! If you want to use gingerbread as Christmas tree decorations, before baking make a cocktail straw hole. After using them, it will be possible to stretch the thin satin ribbon or thick thread.

When cakes are cooled, decorate with frosting. It only takes 100 g of powdered sugar and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. If you add food coloring, frosting can be prepared in any color – green, red, blue. This will help to make a real culinary masterpiece that will be both beautiful and delicious.

Honey cakes with lemon zest

Before sweet and fragrant treats, in which the combination of honey and cinnamon interspersed with the notes of lemon, no one can resist, but is it easy. For the gingerbread you will need products available:

  • 200 g of honey (always liquid);
  • 400 g flour (you can take any);
  • 100 g granulated sugar (you may use the white or brown);
  • 3 eggs;
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda;
  • pack of butter;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • a half of a lemon;
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon (you can take one stick and grind in a coffee grinder);
  • ground cloves (to taste).

Melt the butter in a water bath. While the oil is heating, grate in the zest of the lemon.

The gingerbread on the New 2021

Then knead firm dough. For this to liquid you need to add soda and spices and then gradually add flour. Instead of clove you can use ginger or other spices. The prepared dough and leave in refrigerator for a while, but first wrap it in foil, not to dry on top.

After 2-3 hours roll out the dough and cut out cakes of different forms. After a bake at 180 degrees for about a quarter of an hour.

Tip! If there are no molds for cookies, stencils can be made of cardboard, and after him with a knife, cut desired figures.

The gingerbread on the New 2021

When the gingerbread has cooled, decorate them with chocolate (pre-melted in a water bath) or a glaze made from one protein and 100 g of powdered sugar. Different patterns can be done with a confectionery syringe. In its absence, use a tight package. Place the icing, and then cut off the corner of the package. Then gently squeeze the chocolate or cream cakes.

The gingerbread on the New 2021

Custard chocolate gingerbread

If you want to please family members and guests to the New 2021 year of the ox with a tasty treat, make chocolate cakes. To implement your plans, you should prepare the following ingredients:

  • 625 g flour;
  • 250 g of sugar;
  • a glass of milk;
  • 50 g of cocoa powder;
  • sachet of vanillin;
  • one egg;
  • one yolk;
  • 15 g of baking powder;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • 50 ml of vegetable oil.

For the glaze you need:

  • 1 protein;
  • 100 g icing sugar;
  • 2 tsp cocoa.

Instead of chocolate you can use white (no cocoa) or colored (dyes).

Preparing luscious pastries like this:

1. First you need to make liquid custard batter. Boil the milk. Add the flour and salt. Mix. The presence of lumps is unacceptable. After 5 minutes, pour vegetable oil. When the mixture is completely cooled, add the egg yolk and the egg. Beat with a mixer. Protein is set aside for the glaze.

The gingerbread on the New 2021

2. Knead the main dough. In a larger bowl sift remaining flour, cocoa and baking powder. If desired, add spices. Pour the liquid portion and knead the dough. It will get a little lipoate. Cover it with cling film so as not weather-beaten, and let it rest for 20-30 minutes.

The gingerbread on the New 2021

3. Roll out the dough with a thin layer and cut out the desired figures.

4. Bake for 10-15 minutes, heating the oven to 180 degrees.

While the cakes are cooling, prepare the glaze. With a mixer, whisk the protein powder and cocoa. Decorate cakes and serve for the holiday table. If you want you can use colored sprinkles.

The gingerbread on the New 2021 The gingerbread on the New 2021 The gingerbread on the New 2021

If you want to really impress guests, then make a gingerbread house. The tasty items at home you can cook any of the recipes. Cut 4 of the Pentagon for the walls and 2 rectangles for the roof. When they have cooled after baking, glue them together with frosting and color.

The gingerbread on the New 2021

We also propose you to look at detailed master classes for the preparation of gingerbread dough and the production of the original house:

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