The flu shot 2020-2021 year

Influenza vaccination 2020-2021 carried out in hospitals, clinics, mobile medical units. The period of its implementation the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation determines under peaks of incidence. The greatest number of viral disease traditionally diagnosed in January and February, but in the body prevention solution should go earlier – in September-November.

Preventive vaccination against influenza can be done in the period from 4 September to 29 October 2020 timeframe to 2021-th is not yet announced.

Types of vaccines

Every year the Russian Ministry of health approves the list of vaccines periodically replenished with new development, and outdated drugs are excluded. All solutions are divided into 2 groups:

  • Live viruses – they are composed of these attenuated viruses. They get to the person forces the body to identify a foreign body and develop immunity to them.
  • Non-living viruses are dead bodies. The human body accepts them as foreign substances and produce immunity.

Non-living viruses are classified as:

  • Whole cell – are made from whole dead cells of the virus.
  • Subunit – the raw material for their production is surface protein, harvested from the body of the virus.
  • Split-vaccine – healthy viral cells, artificially slain and split.

The flu shot 2020-2021 year

Each type has advantages and disadvantages, so before selecting the type of prophylactic you should consult with your physician. The team split vaccines are no allergens, which is an advantage for patients prone to allergic reactions. While the reliability of these drugs lose whole cell group.

Licensed flu vaccine 2020-2021 year

Vaccination in the Russian Federation are possible only with the use of licensed drugs. Among them:

  • Grippol (Grippol Plus);
  • Agrippal;
  • Flyuaryks;
  • Vaksigripp.

Grippol and Grippol Plus

Grippol – development of Institute of immunology of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, it produces NPO “Microgen”. Looks like a colorless liquid (sometimes yellowish) transparent consistency. Injected subcutaneously and intramuscularly, is well tolerated by patients.

  • children from six months old;
  • older people after 60 years;
  • employees of health authorities;
  • the staff in the service sector;
  • people with weak immunity;
  • patients with cardiovascular disease, anemia, renal disorders, endocrine disorders.

The flu shot 2020-2021 year

  • with fever;
  • exacerbation of chronic pathologies;
  • allergies to chicken protein or other components of the composition.

The vaccine is administered once, and a strong immunity to the flu produced in the body after 7 days after injection. Children up to 6 years the drug is administered with a preservative.

According to the results of clinical trials of antibodies to influenza are developed in 80-95% of patients. The validity is 1 year.

Grippol plus – advanced analogue. It does not contain preservatives, thereby reducing the frequency of side effects.

Purchase vaccinated against the flu in pharmacies. Price in 2020-2021 year – from 450 to 590 rubles.

Agrippal s1

Agrippal – subunit vaccine is the third generation of the Italian manufacturer Chiron Behring. A drug dispensed by prescription.

The vaccine is designed for patients of different ages, children introduced from 6 months. Children not previously revivaltime and without a history of influenza, the drug is administered for 2 times. The interval between injections is 1 month.

Immunization is done only once intramuscularly. Usually the drug is administered in the deltoid muscle or into the deep subcutaneous layer. Before the introduction of the syringe with solution should be shaken and warmed to room temperature naturally.

Antibodies produced 2-3 weeks after vaccination. The results of the research they produced 80% vaccinated. The duration is 6-12 months.

The flu shot 2020-2021 year

Contraindications to the introduction Agrippal s1:

  • hypersensitivity or intolerance to chicken protein;
  • allergic to ingredients in the product;
  • high temperature;
  • infectious diseases in acute form.

Patients after acute infections are vaccinated 4 weeks after full recovery.

Side effects after vaccination are rare. It could be redness at the site of injection, light fever, headache, fever.

The cost of the drug is different in different regions of the USA. In Metropolitan pharmacies it can be purchased for 1060 rubles.


Flyuaryks – purified split influenza vaccine, its produced by British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline. The drug protects from flu upcoming epidemic season, its composition is updated annually in accordance with who recommendations.

The flu shot 2020-2021 year

  • Children aged 6-35 months – 0.25 ml. twice the interval between injections is 1-1. 5 months. If the child was previously vaccinated, a single injection of 0.25 ml.
  • Children older than 35 months and adults a single 0.5 ml.

Before administration of the drug can be administered anti-allergic drugs. Anaphylactic reactions are rare, but after vaccination, the manufacturer recommends that the patient be under the supervision of medical staff within 30 minutes.

Absolute contraindication to the use of Flyuaryks is:

  • intolerance to chicken and egg white;
  • high sensitivity to primary or secondary components of the solution.

The average price of Flyuaryks for 550-600 rubles.


Vaxigrip – inactivated split vaccine, produced by French manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur S. A. the Solution is injected intramuscularly, approved for use for children aged 7 months.

Vaxigrip is one of the safest flu vaccinations for 2021, because of contraindications less than its competitors. Side effects are rare — in the conduct of clinical studies the frequency was 1/100 of the cases.

The flu shot 2020-2021 year

The serum allowed for use by patients:

  • with respiratory diseases;
  • with diabetes or other endocrine pathologies;
  • with cancer;
  • in parallel with the reception of radiation therapy;
  • during pregnancy.

Vaxigrip produced since 1969 and has been used successfully in many countries of the world. It protects people from the flu for 6-12 months. Immunity is developed in 90% of patients after vaccination. To take root in September and October, when there is no surge in the incidence and in the beginning of the epidemic.

A contraindication to the introduction Vaksigripp is allergic to eggs, since the viruses to manufacture the vaccines are grown on them, and allergic reaction to previous vaccination.

The cost of the drug in clinics – 1-1,8 thousand rubles.

In clinics and doctors ‘ offices have funds at a more affordable cost. Price per shot – 65-200 rubles. Vaccination budget drugs USAне can and free. It is necessary to apply to the district hospital at the place of residence, and children in preschool or school, learn vaccination schedule and other details.

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