The fine for driving without insurance in 2021

Today motorists that have expired insurance policy or not, shall be punished by a fine in the amount of 500 and 800 rubles, respectively. Plus, this is the opportunity of paying only 50% of the amount if you pay the amount within 20 days after the act of violation. According to official sources in the next year some major changes in the existing legislation are expected. However, many people wonder: how will have to pay for driving without insurance in 2021, if the rumor about the increase in fines up to 5,000 rubles?

The new bill

In the State Duma really is considering a bill under which the penalties for driving without insurance will be much more serious. So it is planned to increase the penalty up to 5,000 rubles, and if the motorist commits a second violation, then it can deny driver’s licenses for up to 6 months. However, this law has been under consideration for a long time and in the light of recent developments it does not seem promising.

The fine for driving without insurance in 2021

The cameras

Soon on the roads of the country can begin EN masse to install the cameras. It will happen after the upgrade and software updates of existing cameras, and their subsequent adaptation, which will allow you to record violators that do not have third party insurance. Theoretically, such measures are far more effective than increasing penalties, as drivers will receive a fine for driving without insurance in 2021 every time you get into the camera lens.

The fine for driving without insurance in 2021

Driving a car without insurance

The vehicle can be controlled, and not having insurance, but only in the following cases:

  • movement speed less than 20 km/h;
  • the owner has a “green card”, the car was bought and registered abroad;
  • trailer;
  • military equipment.

In any case, the decision can be appealed by contacting the court. The cost of CTP are constantly increasing and this in spite of numerous complaints of motorists on the insurance companies (reluctance to insure old cars, no forms, problems with obtaining cash compensation, and more), but because many prefer to pay 500-800 RUB than to communicate with insurers. But as practice shows, insurance policy to acquire profitable, thus to obtain it you will need to go through the procedure of technical inspection of the vehicle.

The penalties for insurance

System insurance valid in Russia for over 16 years. The principle is that the culprit, if the insurance policy can pay damages to the injured party at the expense of the insurance company. Today, the payout limit is greater than 400 000 RUB insurance If the driver is not present, the inspector of traffic police can write him a ticket an unlimited number of times.

The fine for driving without insurance in 2021

While driving by a person for whom transportation is not belongs, the latter must also be inscribed in the policy. The fine for driving without insurance in 2021 is not the only form of punishment associated with car insurance. Various measures are envisaged and for other violations:

  • the policy expired (even at night);
  • the document, issued for another vehicle;
  • fake;
  • the driver is not inscribed.

In real situations, much depends on the loyal attitude of traffic police inspector. Often there are cases when violators get off with a warning, for example, has forgotten the house policy. The reason is common and if desired, the traffic police does not cost anything to check the car database and see the driver has insurance or not.

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