The festival of the North in Murmansk in 2021

The festival of the North in Murmansk in 2021 is a national sports event in skiing. Thousands of athletes will take part in the competition and will demonstrate their skills and abilities in winter sport. The article describes the main activities and the regulations of the festival.

History and traditions of the holiday

The first event titled “a Celebration of the North” was held March 30, 1934. At that time, the marathon was a competition of skiers from different regions and areas of the USSR. In the debut competition was attended by only a few dozen athletes, due to what the organizers said about the need to promote the event. Subsequently, a decision was made to combine the marathon with military training, so the program was added to the competitions in the shooting.

The festival of the North in Murmansk in 2021

It is important to note that even during the Second world war, the conduct of the marathon continued. The festival of the North continued, and the athletes who came to him directly from the front line, showed little enthusiasm.

After the war, the marathon was especially popular and each year attracted more and more participants. At that time, to take part in the event could athletes aged 30 years. In 1961, the organizers have expanded the program of competitions, which allowed to involve students and even schoolchildren. To ensure that all athletes were equal, the group was divided into age categories and professional skiers separated from the beginners and Amateurs.

In 1974, the marathon has reached a new global level. The festival gathered not only citizens of the Soviet Union, but also athletes from other countries. During this period, the distance of the ski slopes ranged from 52 to 60 km.

In 1988 we introduced a common length trails for skiers, which was 50 km. And in 2011 the program added a distance of 25 and 15 km.


Marathon “Prazdnik Severa” 2021 is held in Lovozero, which is located in Murmansk. Murmansk is the largest city in the world located beyond the Arctic circle. It also is one of the largest ice-free ports of the Russian Federation. This city is considered to be the best place for competitions in skiing, as it is here winter is given a particularly snowy and windless. No doubt, anyone who decides to visit “the Festival of the North” will bring back home unforgettable memories of the unique beauty of these places.

The festival of the North in Murmansk in 2021

Programme of events in 2021

The program “festival of the North” for 2021 in Murmansk has long been known. The event will be held over five days, while directly discharged to the competition the last two days (Saturday and Sunday) and from Wednesday to Friday everyone will get the opportunity to register for participation in the marathon. Consider the program in more detail:

  • March 25 is the registration of participants in the UK “Dolina Uyuta”;
  • March 26 registration continues, in addition it made an informal inspection of the ski slopes.
  • March 27 also check athletes at Murmansk marathon 2021 “Feast of the North” and after re-audit of the track is the first official training.
  • March 28-29 – conduct of the competition.

When is a holiday

March 28 start of the marathon, all the races are held on this day in free style.

11:00 – start-in length of 50 km marathon the following persons:

  • men 18 years and older;
  • women 21 years and older.

Group juniors are distributed as follows:

  • men 18-19 years of age;
  • women 21-23 years old.

Remained covered teams are distributed in gradation of 5 years in age from 24 to 79.

The festival of the North in Murmansk in 2021

11:20 – starting the race with a length of 25 km the following participants:

  • boys – 17-18 years;
  • girls 19-20 years old.

11:20 – start of marathon “Prazdnik Severa” with the length of 15 km for the following individuals:

  • young men of 15 years;
  • girls of 17 years.

March 29 – the second and final day of the competition. All races held in classic style.

  • 11:00 – start-in length of 50 km Distribution of groups and participants is made by analogy with the first marathon on March 28.
  • 11:00 – the beginning of the second competition, the length of the path is 25 km from the allocation Rule of the same athletes the same-in a free style.
  • 11:20 – start of the marathon “Prazdnik Severa” 2021 length of 15 km for boys of 15 and girls from the age of 17.

The evaluation of the competition

Of course, the most exciting and anticipated moment of the whole festival is summarizing. Each of the athletes demonstrating their best abilities and putting forth maximum effort to win. The final results are documented in a special Protocol and announced only after the completion of all stages of the event and provide an objective assessment of each participant. Everyone can know the results “festival of the North” 2021 in Murmansk for 3 days after the end of the competition.

The festival of the North in Murmansk in 2021

Winners in each race are the first three of the athlete, who came to the finish line, observing the rules of competition. All winners will be awarded memorable prizes, diplomas and medals.

The main cash prize is raffled between all winners, regardless of age category.

Thus, the “feast of the North” is one of the most anticipated events in 2021, not only for skiers, but also for tourists. The event will undoubtedly give the most bright and positive emotions to all those present.

See video on the Feast of the North in 2020:

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