The fare is b and e in 2021

The fare in 2021 and in the Northern capital traditionally increases. To increase fares on the subway and ground transportation. Most of the changes to fares take effect from the beginning of 2021.

Travel in e

New tariffs have been published. A token for the subway now costs 55 rubles, and a single trip on land transport – 50 p Rates increased by 10 p. in comparison with the previous year. However, for Petersburgers the difference will not be noticeable, since most of them use travel. The price increase will feel, first of all, guests of the Northern capital.

Single tickets

The price of travel in the subway and in 2021 in the amount of 55 R. is introduced in the calculation of the token or card the Bank’s Visa and MasterCard. When using the payment system World-ride is 41 p, in the calculation through the application of the "United cards of St Petersburg" — 36 p. Price total pass for 90 minutes – 68 R.

The fare is b and e in 2021

Tickets prolonged use

Cost total travel – 3015 p. (2020 G. R. 2900). Rate increased by 4%. Travel for 3 days for subway can be purchased for 1870 R. (R. 1800). For privileged categories of citizens established the following prices:

  • Single travel – 623 R.
  • For students – 535 R.
  • Student – 1075 p. (R. 1035).

Rates for "the Plantain" has increased by only 1 p. Purchase travel definitely will be beneficial because the difference in the price of each trip will be 18 p. in addition, this ticket has the cumulative scores (within one month).

Tariffs for "Plantain" for the metro:

  • 1 to 10 the trip – 38 p.;
  • from 11 to 20 – 37 p.;
  • from 21 to 30 – 36 p.;
  • 31 to 40 – 35 p.;
  • 41 times, 34 p.

The fare is b and e in 2021

When calculating the transport Single ticket (for one month) the following charges apply:

  • 1 to 10 the trip – 33 p.;
  • from 11 to 20 – 32 p.;
  • from 21 to 30 – 31 p.;
  • 31 to 40 – 30 p.;
  • with a total of 41 times, 29 p.

The cost of daily tickets also increased by 4%:

  • Day 1 — 185 p.
  • 2 days — 265 R.
  • 3 days — 355 R.
  • 4 day — 440 R.
  • 5 days — 530 RUB.
  • 6 days — 620 R.
  • 7 days — 705 R.


Metro in 2021 will rise, but not from the beginning of the year. If before the new prices were introduced on 2 January, but this time the tariffs will be reviewed in February. The changes will not affect all travel – the price of some coupons will remain the same. Traditionally increase the cost of the ticket One. In addition to the subway, it covers trams, buses and the monorail. Now it costs 50 p. 1 February introduced such tariffs:

  • single ticket – 55 p.;
  • 2 trips – 114 R.

The fare is b and e in 2021

To use a coupon should be for 5 days including date of sale. In addition, continues to operate the card "Troika" 60 trips. It is valid for 45 days. Currently the Troika is 1900 p., but increases of 70 p. on average, the price for one fare on the card will be 32,83 R. Pass applies to land transport.

The cost of baggage remains unchanged at 60 p.

Unlimited travel

We are talking about "Troika" with a limit on the validity period. They range from 1 day to 1 year:

  • 1 day, 230 p.;
  • 3 days — 438 p.;
  • 30 days — 2170 R.;
  • 90 days — 5430 R.;
  • 365 days — 19500 R.;

Tickets can be used anywhere, including the "surface metro" — CIP and IDC. These values are within the capital. Map "Troika" IDC for "the Suburbs" will cost more.

The fare is b and e in 2021

Monthly pass

In addition to these you can buy a ticket, "One", for a period of 1 month. The document is distributed by metro, monorail and ICC. Within 30 days you can make up to 70 trips. Its value increases by 130 p. and from February 1 will amount to 2900 p. In comparison with the "Troika" isn’t the best option, as the tickets cannot be used in any transport, and it has restrictions on the number of visits.

In "Troika," a rate of "Wallet". It is suitable for those who use the vehicles regularly. The user can make the card a certain amount (up to 3000 p.) and pay for the tickets at reduced rates. Travel in at this rate in 2021 will also rise:

  • 1 trip – 40 p. (38 p.)
  • 90 minutes – 62 p. (59 p.)

The 90-minute limit applies to any kind of transport for 1.5 hours, no limit on the number of transplants.

The proximity calculation

To pay for travel without purchasing a ticket. The calculation is carried out using the Bank’s cards, which support this option or via a smartphone with NFC-chip. In 2020, one-time payment amounted to 42 p. this year, 44 R.

The fare is b and e in 2021

Benefits to pupils and students

A monthly pass will rise by 10 p. the New prices are as follows:

  • 1 month — 405 p.,
  • 3 months — 1215 R.

As for other categories of beneficiaries, they will continue to free transport in the presence of "the Social card of the Muscovite".

The increase in travel is economically feasible. The difference between profitability and the actual cost is covered from the municipal budget. In the face of rising fuel prices, utilities, etc., have to budget all the large sums which, as a rule, is not enough. That is why public transport fares are reviewed regularly. In addition, it is impossible not to take into account inflation, forcing the user to regularly increase the salaries of the staff of metro and the employees of other types of public transport.

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