The examinations in geography in 2021

Students who complete 9th grade on GIA-9 in the 2020-2021 school year, awaiting delivery of 4 items, and not surprisingly, in addition to the two mandatory, the graduates try to find a couple more subjects, training which to them will seem most simple. Among them, according to pupils, the Examinations in geography, which in 2021 will affect large-scale changes, FIPI announced last spring. We will remind that earlier the subject of nearly 35% of ninth-graders.

So, offer to discuss what will be date of Exams in geography and that will change in Kymi 2021, because of the introduction of innovations should start preparation.


Test in geography in the framework of the substantive session of GIA-9 in 2021 will take place in these days:

We also propose you to know the dates for other exams, reading with the full schedule of the main session of Examinations 2021.

The examinations in geography in 2021

Exam format

Although the tickets of the new sample, adapted to the requirements of Federal state educational standard in 2010, there will be several innovations in the overall format of the GUIA 9 on the subject of “geography” significant changes are expected.

The examinations in geography in 2021

For Exams in geography in 2010 will be submitted in modules, study from 5 to 9 class, namely:

  • geography;
  • area studies;
  • physical geography;
  • the geography of the USA.

Bearing in mind that the 8-9 class familiarizes students with the geography of his native land, and in the exam have to answer the questions associated with other continents and countries without thorough preparation to pass really well is unlikely to succeed.

Among the major nuances of the exam are:

  1. duration – 150 minutes (2.5 hours);
  2. location – native school;
  3. allowed to use ruler, non-programmable calculator and atlases.

The examinations in geography in 2021

So why is geography considered one of the most simple objects GIA-9? The answer is simple – in the course of work of the examinee is allowed to use atlases for 7, 8 and 9 class. Moreover, this source of information graduates can bring to the exam. Accordingly, learning quickly locate in the Atlas the right information, it is possible to significantly simplify for themselves the task.

The exact dates of the preliminary, main and autumn session Exams 2021 will be known closer to the beginning of November 2020.

The main changes

Large-scale reform of the SFE-9, affecting in 2021 all items, not bypassed and Exams on geography. In Kymi, the new graduates will be welcomed as well versed on the demos of the past years questions, and brand new jobs.

First of all, the exam is designed to test practical skills of using geographic knowledge and skills to work with different formats of information.

The number of jobs in the tickets will not change. In 2021, as in 2020. graduates will have to answer 30 questions.

The examinations in geography in 2021

Of the innovations implemented by FIPI in KIM for Exams in geography in 2021, can be identified – increasing the number of tasks with a free response and a brand new challenge on the graph.

The distribution of the number of issues on basic education units have not received significant changes.

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