The examination of the literature in 2021

Alumni graduating in the 2020-2021 school year, 9th grade and dreams to connect his life to Philology or journalism, in the framework of the Examinations 2021 will have the opportunity to practice the exam on the literature. We will tell, what will be the date of the test, and what changes FIPI offers in Kymi for the new sample.

According to the statistics of the previous years literature is the most unpopular subject among ninth-graders. As the discipline of choice it is chosen by just over 3% of graduates. But, in the next few years everything can change, because the number of exams you want to increase to 6 and pupils will need to choose not 2 as previously, and 4 subjects to choose from. But in 2021, so radical changes are not expected and the graduates of the 9th grade is preparing for the 2 compulsory subjects and choose an additional 2 elective courses.


Schedule all three periods for Exams 2021 for literature will be the following:

Also see the full version of the schedule Exam 2021 for the main session in all subjects:

The examination of the literature in 2021

Exam format

Many graduates fear in 2021 to pass Exams in literature, because its format is significantly different from other exams in tickets there are no such familiar to many tests, and when the work should apply not only to the large amount stored in the memory information, and to Express their own opinion.

The examination of the literature in 2021

Indeed, the format of the GUIA 9 on the subject of “literature” differs significantly from the rest of the tests, what they say are the facts:

  1. This is the longest exam, because the execution time is 235 minutes (3 hours 55 minutes).
  2. The tickets have the choice of questions.
  3. The examinee may use the collections of lyrics and full texts of works of art (all provided by the organizers).

All items GIA this season, the 9th-graders will have to pass at schools.

The main changes

In 2021 on the Examination of the literature graduates have to perform 4 tasks (as in 2020).

The examination of the literature in 2021

Tickets and questions will be divided into 2 parts:

(choice of one from the options)

(choice of one of the 5 proposed topics)

Important! In Examinations 2021 in literature tests with answers. When performing tasks the first section should provide a brief detailed response. For questions No. 1, 2, 3 to 5 sentences, for job No. 3, from 5 to 8 sentences.

In the specifications, the developers recommend KIM to divide the allotted time between the two parts of the ticket approximately equally – 2 hours to work on the first unit and 1 hour and 55 minutes for the essay.

Part No. 1 includes 3 tasks with a choice of one from two questions (we will remind that in the preliminary version of the Kim 2021 plan 4). For example, when solving the first task, examinees have to select either question 1.1 or question 1.2. The answer to both questions is impossible! You’ll only be wasting time, since the second response the reviewers evaluate will not.

When the first block is important:

  • to write correctly;
  • not to distort the author’s position;
  • to avoid factual and logical errors;
  • to monitor the observance of speech norms;
  • fill the form neat, legible handwriting.

Part No. 2 will offer the examinee to write an essay, choosing one of the 5 proposed themes (in 2020 options, it was 4). So, in the demo of the new sample will focus on the following topics:

The examination of the literature in 2021

To find out what other works may be submitted for Examination in 2021 you can view a full list of references, compiled by FIPI for the 9th grade.

When writing essays it is necessary to consider following important facts:

  • the optimal amount – 200 words (work, which contains less than 150 words do not appreciate);
  • the text should be based on the position of the author, but to Express the opinion of the examinee;
  • allowed to open the books;

Of course, if all the 4 jobs can and should use the draft. It should know that all the entries made on the draft or in Kymi between the lines, will be taken into account when checking work!


In 2021 for literature Exams, you can score a maximum of 39 points (in 2020 was 33 points).

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