The European championship on football in 2021

In 2012, the UEFA Executive Committee decided to change the format of the championship of Europe on football from the championship, to be held in 2021. Instead of one host country of the members of the Executive Committee of the Union of European football associations in the spring of 2013 took the decision to hold the championship in 12 cities of the Old world.

It should be noted that the Euro 2024 will be held in Germany since UEFA decided to make the modified format of the European championship in 2021 ad hoc measure.

The European championship on football in 2021

General information

The European championship on football — the most important tournament for national teams of the continent, held every four years. One or a few countries (none of the tournaments were not held in more than two countries) at the stadiums which will host matches of the championship, is determined on the basis of the jury that evaluates their application.

Qualifying starts in about half a year before the championship. The participation of all teams of the continent. In different periods of the recent history of European football the conditions for obtaining permits in the Euro was different:

  • From 1996 to 2012 in the final stage of the championship was attended by 16 football teams. For the tournament automatically got the first place winners in their groups, as well as the best of the teams that took second place in the qualifying groups. Among the other teams that took second place, held the play-offs, which determined the owners of the remaining tickets.
  • Starting in 2016 in the European championship on football will take part 24 teams. This ambiguous decision resulted in some changes in the rules for obtaining permits. Now the results of the selection for Euro Cup are also all teams that took second places in groups. In teams, find themselves in third places in their groups, apply the same rule that he had acted against Vice-Champions of the quartets qualifying tournaments: the best team gets to the championship directly, but rest of them play in the play-offs.
  • The selection for Euro 2021 will be held according to a fundamentally different scheme. The participants of the main European tournament for national teams will be determined in the course of the League of Nations UEFA — tournament on the system “autumn-spring”.

In all cases listed above, the teams representing the host country of the championship, did not participate in the selection, and get there automatically.

The European championship on football in 2021

The League of Nations UEFA

The format of the League of Nations, UEFA was approved by the Executive Committee of the organization in 2014. The rules of this tournament has the following features:

  • As in the qualification tournaments of the Euro in competition participating teams UEFA.
  • On the basis of ranking teams, the squads are divided into leagues. All these four divisions: the strongest of them is a League and the weakest League D.
  • Within each League, teams are divided into groups of 3-4 teams. In League D all groups consist of four teams. Team of countries in a bad relationship, get into different groups to avoid incidents similar to what happened at the match Serbia-Albania in 2014, when fans staged riots. For example, teams USA and Ukraine who are in division B, were sown in different trio.
  • At the end of the League of Nations the group winners of divisions B, C and D receive a higher grade, and the worst team groups are in a weaker League. Among the winners of the trio group And there will be a tournament of the playoffs consisting of semifinals, game for the bronze medal and final match. The tournament will be held in one of its member countries.
  • Similar tournaments will be held in each of the divisions. The winners will receive vouchers for the major European football tournament among teams.
  • 20 of the 24 members of the Euro-2021 will be determined during the qualifying tournament, which will begin in 2020. The schedule of these matches will be determined later in the draw.

The European championship on football in 2021


Below is a table that lists the cities that will host matches of the Euro stadiums on which will pass game of the championship, and stages to which these matches will be treated:

The cityStadiumStage of the championshipCapacity sports arena
RomeThe Stadio OlimpicoGroup a, quarter finalsSeventy two thousand six hundred ninety eight
BakuOlympic stadium, BakuGroup a, quarter finalsSeventy thousand
CopenhagenParkenThe group In the 1/8 finalsFifty one thousand seven hundred eleven
“Zenit-Arena”. On the Euro he is declared as “”Group, quarter finalsSixty eight thousand one hundred thirty four
Amsterdam“Johan Cruyff-Arena”. The stadium is also known as the “Amsterdam arena”The group, 1/8 finalsFifty three thousand eight hundred fifty two
BucharestNational stadiumThe group, 1/8 finalsFifty four thousand eight hundred fifty one
LondonWembleyGroup D, both semi-finals and finalsNinety thousand
Glasgow“Hampden Park”Group D-1/8 finalsFifty one thousand four hundred seventy two
Bilbao“San Mames”Group E-1/8 finalsFifty three thousand two hundred eighty nine
Dublin“Aviva”Group E-1/8 finalsFifty six thousand
BudapestStadium Puskas Ferenc. At the moment the construction of this sports arenaGroup F-1/8 finalsSixty five thousand one hundred fifty six
Munich“Allianz ArenaGroup F, the quarter-finalsSeventy five thousand

The championship final will be held at the London stadium “Wembley”.

The statistics of Champions

Below is a table that lists all the winners of the Euro in the entire history of its existence:

TeamThe years in which the national team became the champion of Europe
Germany1972, 1980 and 1996
Spain1964, 2008, 2012
France1984, 2000
Soviet Union (the successor to the squads — team USA)1960. It was the first in the history of the European championship on football
Czechoslovakia (the successor to the team — the Czech Republic)One thousand nine hundred seventy six
Portugal. This team is the reigning champion of Europe on footballTwo thousand sixteen
ItalyOne thousand nine hundred sixty eight
NetherlandsOne thousand nine hundred eighty eight
DenmarkOne thousand nine hundred ninety two
GreeceTwo thousand four

Changing the rules of the championship of Europe on football became a sensational news for many European football fans. According to many fans and experts, the creation of the League of Nations, UEFA will increase the quality of football during the qualifiers, friendlies and playoffs, and also give an opportunity for many weak teams and even so-called “football dwarfs” to take part in the final stage of the championship of Europe on football of 2021.

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