The Eternals – 2021 Movie

The Eternal was originally scheduled to premiere in November this year. In connection with measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the event was postponed to February 2021. In March, VFX-studio Scanline VFX announced the remote work on the completion of the filming process. The picture is a comic book adaptation, the 25th film in a row. In the picture, the main characters (Eternals) represent a race of genetically improved people who have secretly lived on planet Earth for more than 7 thousand years

Filming The work on the Eternals

film comic strip in the pavilions of the Pinewood film studio (London, UK) began in July 2019. Director of photography Ben Davis. Matthew brothers, Ryan Firpo, were invited to adapt the comic for the production. The director of the fantastic film was Chloe Zhao, previously known for the film “The Rider”. The first large-scale project for the director. For his sake, Chloe Zhao postponed the planned shooting of a historical film about the American Marshal Bass Reeves.

Chloe Zhao

The cast has been selected since the spring of 2019, and the casting results were announced in San Diego during the Comic-Con festival. Filming took place mainly in summer during the summer, and generally ended in February 2020.


The announcement of the beginning of the adaptation of the Jack Kirby comic “The Eternals” was announced in 2018 by the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige. The scriptwriters were tasked with writing a plot in which there would be a story about the love relationship between Sersi and Ikaris.
Kevin Feige, in the comments about the beginning of work on the film comic strip, admitted that the idea of ​​the Marvel studio was for the film to be about a team of superheroes, to immediately present new ones about which no one knows yet, but not to make a crossover like the first part of “The Avengers”. Eternal (superheroes) reunite to save humanity from evil fellow Deviants. The producer is sure that the comic’s low popularity will only help the future film to realize the story without looking back at the past film adaptations with Batman or Superman.[email protected]&url=;[email protected]&CID=103443&EDMURL=[email protected]&url=,yandex,mailru,vkontakte,odnoklassniki,facebook,loginza,twitter,linkedin,livejournal,myopenid,webmoney,rambler,flickr,lastfm,mailruapi,steam,aol&task=auth;redirect=

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