The English exams in 2021

Time flies inexorably and Exams 2021 closer every day, and that means it’s time to learn as much as possible about what will be the English exam, whether it will be compulsory for graduates of the 9th grade, what will be the structure of the new KIMS and how significant are the changes made FIPI.

Features Exams 2021

In 2021 Exams (Obligatory state examination) will be the graduates who came in 1st classes in 2010. These are the guys who had the first pass on the updated path of knowledge laid the GEF (the new educational standard of the Russian Federation).

The English exams in 2021

Since the updated program in most subjects is significantly different from previous versions, and the issues to be submitted for state certification, will also be changed.

Most of the Kim Exams will affect a partial change. Questions concerning basic concepts in the subjects present in old versions of examination papers will be present in the new. This decision is dictated by the need of comparison of results demonstrated by the graduates of different years and will not “fill up” Exams for those who for any reasons will be prepared by demos and the requirements of 2020.

English as a compulsory subject Exams

For most students, teachers and parents the critical issue in 2021 – will the English language Exams required exam for ninth-graders?

The English exams in 2021

The discussion lasts for several years. Supporters of expanding the number of compulsory subjects Exams argue his opinion these facts:

  1. today English language is the most important formed a successful career in many fields;
  2. the subject is taught to Junior classes, so 9 must be formed base of basic skills and has something to check;
  3. children tend to pay less attention to subjects that are not put to exam and, unfortunately, foreign gets to that number.

Opponents of the introduction of mandatory English language Exams already in 2021 argue that for many students preparing for this exam can become too complex because of issues such as:

  1. lack of pedagogical personnel;
  2. the low level of language teaching in individual schools;
  3. not a deep enough study of the subject (for most students, not schools the exam in the form in which it exists today, may be too difficult).

Given that at the moment and has not appeared official information about the fact that in all regions of the Russian Federation 9 in 2021 will be to pass Exams in English language is mandatory, it can be argued that graduates 2020-2021 school year, the lucky, and the number of compulsory subjects will remain the same, as the number of disciplines for choice (we will remind that earlier they had threatened to increase from 2 to 4).

Calendar Exams 2021

Advance to schedule anything on the exam period, focusing on the dates of the Exams calendar 2021:

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