The English exams in 2021

The school year begins, and for 11 of klassikov well as intensive preparation for EG 2021 – offer to discuss when will be held written and oral exam (the date of the basic period), does FIPI significant changes, and what will be the structure of the KIMS.

Who needs to pass English?

I hasten to please the graduates, which is not the first frightening introduction of a compulsory examination in a foreign language – in 2021 English will remain a subject of choice!

The English exams in 2021

No, in the Ministry of Education has not abandoned the idea of expanding the list of compulsory subjects, and is not excluded that already graduates in 2022 will take English as a compulsory subject Exams. But, in the 2020-2021 school year, the testing centers will not be technically ready to deliver your Exams in English 100% of the graduates of the USA. Recall that in 2020, the 11-graders were about 720 000 people, of which only 99 000 wished to obtain certificate in English.

The average test score for the USA after the reform of 2018 demonstrates the dynamics of growth.

The table confirms once more that radical innovations in the structure of the exam and the wording of questions to reduce the success of the examinee, and the stability requirements contributes to a better preparation of graduates.

In 2021, the prospect of passing the English language Exams it is necessary to consider everyone who is planning to apply for such directions as:

  • foreign Philology;
  • journalism;
  • pedagogy;
  • international relations;
  • the world economy;
  • sociology and political science;
  • hospitality;
  • regional studies.

Please note! Some technical colleges also offer applicants the choice to submit the certificate in physics, or English.

Before you make a decision about what item to choose as a third discipline, the Examination, is to determine the desired direction and clarify on the website of the colleges to which you would like to submit documents, which certificates they accept from applicants for this specialty.


The draft calendar Exams 2021 under preliminary Sessiand foreign languages are allotted dates:

The English exams in 2021

Within main session graduates will be able to take foreign languages in those days:

Reserve (the written part)

Reserve (the oral part)

Reserve (all subjects)

Please note! This schedule is applicable to all foreign languages, including English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese.

In the event of unsatisfactory results or failure to appear for the Exams for a valid reason (need documentary evidence), make-up exam will be only in reserve days. Autumn makeup exams for electives in 2021 is not provided. In September, the last chance will receive only those graduates who have demonstrated unsatisfactory result on one of the compulsory subjects.

Features Exams 2021

In 2021, the format and structure of the English Exams will not be changed. If in Kymi 2020, subject to minor amendments, the tickets 2021 will be completely identical to last year. According to Vasilyeva, the stability requirements for the level of training and lack of changes in the wording of the tasks should help graduates on the way to a high score.

The English exams in 2021

The format and rules

Exams-2021 for English will be divided into two parts (oral and written) primary points are eventually added up. The speaking and written exams are on different days, which confirms the proposed schedule of the tests, GUÍA 11 to 2021.

For all the Exams in foreign languages in the 2020-2021 school year, the base will remain the norm:

  • duration of oral exam – 15 min.;
  • the duration of written exam 3 hours 15 minutes (195 minutes);
  • the maximum score (verbal part) – 20;
  • the maximum score (the written part) – 80;
  • minimum score (for certificate) – 22.
  • among the additional materials provided computers with appropriate software and any other equipment providing high quality sound recording.

Important! Depending on the level of task complexity, they correspond to the international classification A2+ (basic), B1 (high) and B2 (high).

The oral part

Speaking in 2021 graduates will pass the first. 15 minutes allotted for each participant’s Exam regulations of the test, the examinee will demonstrate 4 basic skills:

  1. expressive reading aloud;
  2. participation in dialogue;
  3. composing monologic statements (description, characteristics depicted in the picture);
  4. preparation of a monologue with the elements of reasoning and the expression of his relationship

The written part

The structure of the written English Exams in 2021 will traditionally consist of 4 blocks:

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