The draw for Euro 2021 in football

The European championship on football of 2021 – a unique tournament. The selection for Euro 2021 de facto will be held in two tournaments: the classic qualifying round, which will begin in 2020, and rounds of the playoffs divisions of the League of Nations, which ended in late November of this year. In addition, the UEFA Executive Committee has made some changes in the rules of the tournament, which will be held in 12 cities across Europe instead of one or two countries.

The tournament

As in the case of Euro 2016, the European championship on football of 2021 will take part 24 teams. The tournament matches will be held, unlike the previous tournaments, UEFA and FIFA, in 12 cities across Europe:

The cityStadium
London“Wembley”. This sports arena will host the final of Euro-2021
Munich“Allianz Arena”
“Zenit-Arena”. This stadium will host group matches and one quarter-final
Dublin“Aviva Stadium”
BakuOlympic stadium
RomeThe Stadio Olimpico
BucharestNational stadium
Budapest“The stadium Puskas Ferenc”. Currently the stadium is under construction
Glasgow“Hampden Park”
Bilbao“San Mames”
Amsterdam“Amsterdam Arena”. Today, this stadium is also called the “Johan Cruijff arena”

Thus, none of the 55 teams of the continent will not get to Euro 2021 automatic on the rights of the host country.

It should be noted that the Euro 2024 will be spent in one host country. The honorary right to take this tournament had Germany, application which got more votes than the application of Turkey – the only opponent of the representatives of the German football Association.

Of the 24 teams, 20 will be in the final phase of the competition after the qualification round, and the remaining four members of the main football tournament among national teams of Europe will be determined following playoff divisions of the League of Nations the League.

The draw for Euro 2021 in football

The qualifying tournament of the European championship in 2021

The main phase of selection for Euro 2021 will begin in mid-March 2020. This round of the championship will be held according to the classical scheme:

  • In the qualifying tournament will be attended by all 55 teams are members of UEFA.
  • Before the draw all of the football team, Europe will be divided into four pots based on their current rating.
  • The results of the draw formed 9 groups, each of which enrolled six teams. In the remaining group – in the case of the Euro-2021 we are talking about group A will have only five teams.
  • It should be noted that in one group cannot be sown more than two home teams of the Euro.
  • In the same group are also unable to play football squads of the countries at loggerheads. For example, in one group can be consolidated USA and Ukraine, or Armenia and Azerbaijan.
  • When the draw was also taken into consideration the climate countries. The football team of the Northern countries, among which were USA, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, will play the minimum number of matches in March and November.
  • The organizers also took into account the geographical location of some potential candidates for the title of champion of Europe on football. National teams of the countries situated at the greatest possible distance from each other, play minimal number of games between them.

The draw for the European championship on football of 2021 took place on 2 December 2018 in Dublin. Within the hour all the potential participants of the Euro were divided in groups as follows:

The draw for Euro 2021 in football

The League of Nations UEFA

  • In the League of Nations, UEFA involves all 55 States and regions-members of UEFA.
  • By analogy with baskets in case classic qualifying round, the members of the League divided into four divisions based on their position in the overall ranking of the national teams.
  • Inside the divisions formed groups of 3-4 teams. In the weakest divisions of the League, D – each group consists of four teams, and in a division With such groups only three.
  • At the end of the tournament is determined tournament players in the playoffs. They are the group winners.
  • In the case of divisions b, C and D the group winners automatically qualify in the higher division.
  • The worst team in divisions A, b and C, in turn, in the next season will play in weaker leagues.

At the moment participants of the playoffs from each League:

DivisionThe participants of the tournament for the right to get to the championship of Europe on football
AndThe Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal and England
InUkraine, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Denmark. It is worth noting that the Swedish national team on football has received a start in the playoffs after defeating team USA 2-0
WithScotland, Finland, Norway and Serbia
DGeorgia, Belarus, Macedonia and Kosovo

The winners of each of these four quartets and will be the owners of the coveted tickets to the main football tournament among teams of Europe.

The European Championships in football are held every four years since 1960. Each draw of the competition is attracting close attention not only to European football fans, but also experts and fans from around the world. In this championship regularly attend games between the strongest teams of the Old world, which in most cases are considered to be one of the most powerful and titled teams in the world. Amendment of the rules of the Euro has brought to this tournament to the attention of even more people, and also give a chance to many weak teams, including “dwarfs” in the European football world the opportunity to speak at this prestigious tournament.

The results of the draw for Euro 2021 football: video

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