The development plan up to 2021: scheme

gradually expands in accordance with the development plan up to 2021 its territory will increase by 2.5 times. Territorial expansion occurs due to connection of small settlements to the Russian capital.

The change of borders

Full large-scale project will solve several current problems:

  • will allow to unload city highways and improved transport links with the suburbs;
  • will be a stimulus for the development and modernization of infrastructure in certain areas and districts of the capital;
  • will give the opportunity to plant trees and shrubs territory, to equip parks, gardens and other areas for recreation of citizens, to improve the ecological situation in General;
  • deploy housing in the new territories, providing quality apartments to all comers.

In the layout plan of development until 2021 included:

  • 21 municipalities;
  • 19 villages in the Podolsk, Naro-Fominsk, Lenin district;
  • city Shcherbinka and Troitsk;
  • private plots located in Odintsovo and Krasnogorsk districts.

The development plan up to 2021: scheme

In the coming years to the metropolis attach the following settlements:

  • Vnukovo;
  • Raven;
  • Voskresenskoye;
  • Desenovskoe;
  • Kyiv;
  • Kokoshkino;
  • Krasnopakharskaya;
  • Ryazanovskoe etc.

On the accession of the satellite towns of the capital, the issue is not, though the residents of these settlements see themselves as Muscovites, as their children study in the capital schools and universities, they work at the enterprises of the metropolis.

Metro station

The map shows that the new areas more removed from Moscow, consequently, increases the need for modern transport interchanges that will link to link remote areas with the centre of the capital.

In the development plan until 2021, the government has included 15 new metro stations:

Commissioning of the station “Olkhovskaya” unload and extend the Sokolnicheskaya line. This station will be the largest among the public over the last few years.

A continuation of the Sokolnicheskaya line will be the station “Stolbovo”. Its launch is planned this year. A total of Sokolnicheskaya line will include 4 additional stations. In Kommunarka the completion is scheduled in may 2020.

In plans – construction of the lines:

  • Rasskazovka – Petrovsky pairs;
  • Nekrasovka – Aviamotornaya;
  • Stolbovo – the Sevastopol prospectus.

The development plan up to 2021: scheme

The road network

The development of the road network and the New will continue along with the construction of new lines and subway stations. In 2020-2021 years it is planned to build and put 200 km of new roads, nearly 40 pedestrian crossings.

Modern infrastructure implies the existence of transport hubs, located within walking distance. To 2021-mu they will be on 56 points higher.

The Eastern administrative district (HLW) in the development plan is not the last place. To 2021 on the territory of the district is scheduled:

  1. The construction of large multifunctional complexes with a total area of 45 thousand m2 . Facilities will be located between the metro station “Izmailovo Park” and “Highway of Enthusiasts”.
  2. Completion of work on the areas of Bogorodskoye, Transfiguration, Russia.
  3. The growth of social infrastructure by almost half.
  4. The increase in the number of objects of the consumer market in 1.5 times.
  5. Construction of business and commercial properties with a total area of 2.4 million m2 .
  6. 14 reconstruction of historical and cultural monuments.

In terms of building the VAO is provided to increase the area for housing construction. Planned reconstruction of shabby and five-storey buildings with a total over 1.7 million m2 .

The development plan up to 2021: scheme

In New particular attention is paid to environmental issues. In particular, in the framework of project implementation in HLW is planned large-scale reorganization of industrial zones, reconstruction and construction of new treatment facilities, conducting activities that reduce emissions by 2.5 times.

The targeted investment programme

In the period 2018-2021 years has Targeted investment program (AIP), under which the planned construction of the 600 major urban infrastructure. For these purposes, provided funding in the amount of 1486, 4 billion.

Renovation of Metropolitan residential background is a separate item of expenditure. Funding laid on it, and 1.7 trillion rubles.


The construction of new healthcare facilities is on schedule. In total will be put into operation until 2021:

  • 27 new and modern clinics;
  • 18 the buildings of the hospitals;
  • 7 substations ambulance.

In 7 hospitals will be held large-scale reconstruction. Modern hospital opens in Rasskazovka – when it will operate the emergency Department.

This year is expected to open multi-disciplinary clinical hospital with the hospital for 600 beds in the village of Kommunarka, was included in the territory of New .

The development plan up to 2021: scheme

Social objects

In 2018-2021 years the city authorities will try to overcome the shortage of preschool and school institutions. In the nearest plans – construction of 139 kindergartens and schools, of which 88 projects were financed from the city budget.

During the same period, there will be New ore processing plant. The new plant will specialize in the processing of food waste.

The merger is inevitable

The merger of metropolis with small settlements – a necessary measure. It contributes to the development of socio-economic potential of the surrounding areas, lower population density and the unloading of the highways – it’s no secret that the Russian capital is full.

Intended state transformation will occur through the construction of Autonomous regions in ecologically clean area. Financial analysis shows that housing construction in areas adjacent to the metropolis areas more cost-effective.

In an interview with radio station “Business FM” the Deputy mayor Andrei Sharov, said that the Metropolitan agglomeration will spread far beyond the Moscow region by 2021. Residents of new areas will not feel uncomfortable, because in parallel with the expansion of the boundaries erected a modern social and transport infrastructure.

Later in the annexed lands can be government centers, and many issues will be resolved quickly in the field.

An indisputable advantage of the project construction in that it allows you to divide the metropolis into the historical, business, educational and residential areas and connect them between ground and underground transport links.

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