The decoration of the Cabinet to the New 2021

On the eve of New year, many not confined to the interior of the house and use holiday decor in the office. There are several features of the jewelry Cabinet for the New year.

Tips designers

The choice of style depends, first and foremost from the fact, whether customers visit the office or not. In the second case, the decoration can be guided only by their own preferences (but not superfluous to consult with colleagues with whom you share the account). If the visits are not rare, then the decoration should be approached more thoroughly.

  • Comply with the measure. Leave the lavish decor with an abundance of tinsel, snowflakes on the Windows and other things for the home. Elegant tree and a few garlands – this is often enough to create the office atmosphere of the approaching New year.

The decoration of the Cabinet to the New 2021

You can follow the European tradition and limited fir wreath on the front door. Appropriate will be a small Christmas tree or an arrangement of juniper branches and toys at the reception Desk and on the table in the hall for negotiations.

The decoration of the Cabinet to the New 2021

The spacious office space will look perfectly large tree. However, the preference is to give artificial instances in order not to add extra work cleaning professionals. In small rooms it is reasonable to set compact wood or to replace it by the new year.

  • Use calm colours. 2-3 colors is the maximum that will keep the morale is not to the detriment of the holiday. 2021 protects the metal ox, so the best colors for the decorations will be gold, blue and green. If it is difficult to reach a compromise in the choice of palette, you can have a secret ballot among all employees.

The decoration of the Cabinet to the New 2021

Looks original design with corporate colours!

  • Don’t be afraid to show imagination. The classic design looks nice, but if your company employs creative individuals (designers, decorators, party planners, etc.), their ability to direct and for decoration.

The decoration of the Cabinet to the New 2021

A great idea will be to organize in the lobby of the company photo zone, decorated in a corporate style. It is not only decorate the room but will be a great marketing ploy – the visitors will take pictures, share them on social networks and advertising thus your firm.

Fashion trends

Every year there is something new in the decor. To impress visitors, the design should be not only beautiful but also fashion.

Designers recommend to use:

  • Natural materials. Today, as never before popular environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is wise to buy designer paper garland, wooden Christmas decorations. By the way, instead of the traditional Christmas tree, you can collect the beauty of the branches.

The decoration of the Cabinet to the New 2021

  • Hand made decorations. Cut out of felt and paper toys and garlands, collected from branches and cones wreaths are just a small part of that will be organic look in any office.
  • Fabric decor. You can depart from the classical decorations of tinsel and garlands and to give preference to the tissues. This design looks very unusual and appreciated be appreciated by the customers.

Install at the reception Desk a vase with gingerbread. They will be a great symbolic gifts for guests, and their fragrance will add festive notes into the atmosphere.

The decoration of the Cabinet to the New 2021

Original ideas

Elegant tree and a few garlands are classic decoration Cabinet for the New year. It is suitable for any room, regardless of the scope of activities of the company and its age. But you can include a little whimsy and make the decor truly original.

If you wish quite simple to implement one of the following ideas:

  • Vases with toys instead of the classic tree. Purchase a few clear glass vases and fill them with colorful Christmas balls. Such a composition would be a great alternative to the usual pine needles. By the way, instead of balls, you can use tangerines, oranges, beads, cones and fir branches.

The decoration of the Cabinet to the New 2021

  • Composition of Christmas toys. The glass balls tie strands of different lengths, and then attach the design to the ceiling.

The decoration of the Cabinet to the New 2021

  • Tree of products of own production. Produce candy, produce flour, making juices, and may be print magazines? From all the above (and much more) easy to assemble the main new year symbol.

Using the suggested tips, stylish and beautiful to decorate the office for the New 2021 will be a problem to be solved easily. However, if there is time, desire and/or ability to implement design ideas, it is wiser to entrust this task to experienced designers. They will surely be able to realize all your wishes and offer several interesting solutions.

Photos ideas, office decoration for the holiday:

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