The days of military glory USA in 2021

Traditionally, in 2021, the days of glory in the USA will be dedicated to the memory of great deeds of the American soldiers committed in different time periods. They are usually timed battles, military battles and other important events that played a major role in the history of the people and the state.

The days of military glory is an occasion for remembrance, reverence and respect for servicemen and civilians who took part in the confrontations.

When will they come?

A list of dates was approved at the legislative level in 1995. Periodically updated. Subject to final amendments and changes now falls on 17 important dates.

The days of military glory USA in 2021

To find out what numbers will be the days of military glory USA in 2021, from the list below:

  • 27.01.20 – the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad in 1944. During the 872-day isolation of the city from the outside world killed millions of people not only from regular bombing the Germans, but also of the famine caused by a lack of food.
  • 02.02.20 – The battle of Stalingrad in 1943. A great battle against the Nazis, in which Soviet soldiers showed real courage.
  • 23.02.20 – The Day Of Defender Of The Fatherland.
  • 18.04.20 – Battle of the ice 1242, the year. The soldiers fought against the Germans defending their land, under the assignment of Alexander Nevsky.
  • 09.05.20 – The day of Victory in the great Patriotic war, which lasted from 1941 to 1945.
  • 07.06.20 – The battle of Chesma in 1770. In the confrontation with the Turks the Russian sailors managed to win, although the size and armament of ships were lost to enemy fleet.
  • 10.06.20 the battle of Poltava in 1709. The soldiers of the troops of Peter the great were able to show their intelligence, courage and bravery. They defeated the enemy, although the weapons they were weaker.
  • 09.08.20 – The battle of Gangut in 1714. First fleet the First Perth was able to show his strength and win the confrontation with the Swedes.
  • 23.08.20 – Battle of Kursk 1943 year. The major confrontation that dramatically changed the course of world war II.
  • 08.09.20 – The battle of Borodino in 1812. The battle against the French was led by Kutuzov.
  • 11.09.20 – battle near Tendra Cape 1790, the year. One of the major battles against the Turks, held Ushakov.
  • 21.09.20 – The battle of Kulikovo in 1380. The defeat of the Mongol-Tatar hordes under the leadership of Dmitry Donskoy. The events of that day helped to stop the attacks of your enemies, who destroyed whole settlements.
  • 04.11.20 – The day of national unity. Young holiday that has been celebrated only since 2005.
  • 07.11.20 – the parade in honor of the anniversary of the great October revolution.
  • 01.12.20 – battle of Cape Sinop in 1853. One of the last great battles involving sailing ships.
  • 05.12.20 – the beginning of the battle of Moscow in 1941. The battle took place in two stages. First, the Soviet army boldly kept the defense, and after advancing on the enemy.
  • 24.12.20 – the capture of Ismail in 1790.

The days of military glory USA in 2021

Important! Some dates for the days of glory do not coincide with historical dates shift for 13 days, resulting from the transition from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. In the history of science this practice is not applied, although officials it was ignored.

The tradition of celebrating

In the days of military glory will be held on various events. These days be sure to honor the soldiers land, sea and other forces. Most large-scale celebration suit on may 9. On red square are conducting a parade of military equipment. It attracts participants from different parts of the country. Definitely honored the memory of fallen soldiers. Monuments and memorials bear flowers and candles, prayers. Veterans invited to the celebrations which take place in many cities. The party is sure to end with fireworks. Start the salute to the military and to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, but the other dates are more modest.

The days of military glory USA in 2021

In the days of military glory are also hosting the following events:

  1. Carry out reconstruction of historical battles. To do this, participants prepare costumes, studying in detail the historical facts in order to reliably reproduce the events of the past years. Reconstruction usually arrange volunteers or activists, so the entrance is free.
  2. Organize exhibitions on historical themes. Depending on the date of the exhibition may be represented by military vehicles, uniforms, weapons etc. Some museums have free entrance.
  3. Arrange demonstrations of the military. The program of activities is usually complemented by sports, eating soldier’s porridge and more.

On television shows documentaries and feature films dedicated to the events of days of military glory. In Newspapers and magazines published notes about battles and their role in the history of the USA. If the feat of the soldier has a round date, organize large-scale celebrations, concerts, fireworks and other festive activities.

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