The day of the vernal equinox in 2021

The day of the vernal equinox in the year 2021, when day and night have approximately the same duration, traditionally, will be the beginning of astrological spring. He is revered in many countries and peoples, although in the USA a long tradition of celebrating almost sunk into Oblivion. USAне almost do not pay attention to the beginning of astrological spring.

Features astrological phenomena

The spring equinox is an astrological phenomenon caused by the characteristics of the Solar system. The fact that the Sun is moving through an imaginary line around the Earth. When the Ecliptic (the so-called trajectory of the Sun) becomes perpendicular to the equator, it will be the equinox. This phenomenon occurs twice a year – spring and fall. Since the difference between continents or States can reach multiple time zones, the date often shifts.

Important! Date of spring equinox will not change to 2021. If he falls on March 20.

The day of the vernal equinox in 2021

In 2007, an astrological phenomenon in which the duration of daytime is equal to night, it was March 21, but nearly a century of changes of dates are expected. Astrologers have calculated that the earlier the equinox is March 19, 2096 years, and later – on March 21, 2103.

Special day

In ancient times people noticed that twice a day is compared to night. A similar phenomenon is occurring in spring, associated with the beginning of the new season. Some people and now on this day we celebrate the New year. The fact that this is a starting point, after which the night became smaller, the sun rose higher and stronger heated. Nature began to come alive, the trees were blooming leaves, earth was warm enough to sow and plant various crops.

The astrological phenomenon, our ancestors were connected with the gods. For this reason, the feast and festivities in honor of the sun God and other deities, to spend the winter and welcome the spring. Now some of the rituals preserved only in the pages of historical books, while the Eastern Nations and now give astrological phenomenon of particular importance. At the end of March they organize various holidays (Navruz, New year, etc.).

Traditions and customs

The spring equinox in 2021 will celebrate except in the provinces of the country, although earlier in the day staged noisy celebrations. One of the traditions of the holiday is baking fresh larks. In some villages adhere to it now. Women prepare from the test birds, and then treat the neighbors, friends and acquaintances. Given the unusual cakes and Pets to protect them from disease. This tradition is dedicated to the birds return from warm countries. Larks bake for a reason – these birds first fly from the South.

Informed Housewives cook pies, biscuits, cakes. There was a ceremony during which people threw biscuits high in the sky. It was believed that the person who will be able to throw cakes above others, waiting for the well-being of the entire year. Be sure all passers-by were invited in and seated at the table, were treated to various treats.

In the evening all the villagers gathered together and staged a noisy celebration with dancing and singing. In the evening lit large bonfires and burned them all night. People believed that at the equinox confront good and evil, winter and spring. The fire served as a support for the forces of good and helped them gain victory over the dark spirits.

The day of the vernal equinox in 2021

Important! It was believed that this day possesses great magical power, so girls definitely wondered the evening and at night, to find out their future.

During the day you need to commit only good deeds. It is prohibited to harm even fierce enemies. If you come to the aid of needy people, to do good to others, you can attract prosperity to your house.

How to celebrate in different countries

In 2021, the equinox will definitely have to celebrate in several countries:

  1. In India organize a festival of colors, which lasts two days. First, people sing, dance, set up a holiday table, and then go out and sprinkle each other with colored powder, organize processions through the city.
  2. In Japan all clean their homes, pay special attention to the altar. Beside pictures of deceased relatives put round bowls of water and grains. The Japanese lay a festive table, but cook only vegetarian dishes.
  3. In Tajikistan, Iran and some other Eastern countries celebrating Nowruz. People must clean their houses, prepare Goodies, and then on the streets of arrange noisy celebrations with bonfires, fireworks and fire show.

Knowing what day will be the Day of the vernal equinox in 2021, spend it as positive. It is not necessary to follow ancient traditions, enough to provide a good mood.

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