The day of the submariner in 2021

The day of sailor-submariner in 2021 will be celebrated in USA in the 24 th time. Fixed date – March 19. The holiday was established in 1996 by order of the commander of the Russian Navy Fn. Gromov. The date chosen for the celebrations dedicated to the day of the signing of Tsar Nicholas II’s decree on the classification of submarines as independent units of the Navy.

The history of the formation of the submarine fleet

The first mention of the prototype of the modern submarine can be found in American sources from 1718. Yefim Nikonov offered to Peter I the original draft of “hidden vessel”. And even built a trial copy. During the tests the ship was damaged, and the fix is gone from the life of Peter the great and the project was never implemented.

In 1834, was designed by the first metal submarine. He engaged in the creation adjutant General Karl Schilder. But this project is closed – the government stopped funding.

Only half a century later, the Russian military returned to the idea of creating underwater vessels. In the late 19th century inventor Drzewiecki Stepan gave the drawings of the ship, which was driven by the efforts of a team of sailors, high pressure on the pedals and rotating propeller. However, courts have not found practical application.

The day of the submariner in 2021

Monument submarine Stepan Dzhevetsky

The starting point of the modern history of the submarine fleet can be considered the beginning of the twentieth century. Under the guidance of marine engineer Ivan Bubnov was created boat “Dolphin”, which can be used in military operations. Baptism of fire in the literal sense of the word the new submarines was taken in 1904 during the Russo-Japanese war. And in 1906, Nicholas II issued a decree on introduction to the classification of vessels of the Navy’s newest units – the submarine boat.

During the First world war, the submarine participated in many battles, which showcased his indispensability. The beginning of the great Patriotic war in the Russian army were more than two hundred submarines. After the victory began a new era in the history of the Soviet Navy. Actively developed nuclear submarines, were developed for nuclear missiles.

Having gone through a difficult decade after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Navy gradually returns to the former glory and becomes the true pride of the country. Now on arms of the Navy are the diesel submarine, missile and nuclear cruisers. Profession submariner respected and honored. The possession of a strong, organized fleet – an indication of the level of development and power of the country.

The day of the submariner in 2021

The tradition of celebrating Day of the submariner

The day of sailor-submariner is not a public holiday, but is celebrated solemnly. A special scale of different events in places where a Navy base. On this day parades and holiday concerts, demonstrates the new improved models of equipment, conducted demonstration exercises and the reconstruction of battles at sea. At the sea temples are memorial services of the departed submariners who read prayers for the health of the living.

The first persons of the state and the commanders of the fleet thank the divers who particularly distinguished themselves will be awarded with diplomas, memorable gifts and awards. Many are getting an extraordinary boost of the title. The day is marked by a minute of silence in memory of fallen comrades.

Submariner day celebrated not only the sailors – a celebration for everyone who is somehow involved in the development and creation of ships. It’s the designers, engineers, boat builders, maintenance workers, teachers and students of specialized universities, as well as the families of submariners.

In addition to the Day of the submariner in USA there are similar topics holidays. The most famous is the Day of Navy is celebrated in summer on July 28. A month before it, on 25 June, celebrating the Day of the seafarer. On October 8, congratulations to accept the commanders of surface, underwater and air vehicles.

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