The day of the social worker in 2021

The day of the social worker is often called the most humane holiday. And really, who does not like the profession first take on other people’s problems, first assist in difficult situations. In 2021, the social worker’s Day USA celebrates the jubilee, the twentieth time.

The list of memorable days and professional holidays, this celebration has expanded relatively recently – the relevant presidential decree was signed only in 2000. The new date for the event was chosen very symbolically – 8 June.

In 2021, the social worker’s Day will be celebrated on Monday, June 8.

Refers to the number of official and professional holidays; is not a holiday.

The day of the social worker in 2021

Who said

It is considered that celebrate this day only those who wear the title of “social worker” with the corresponding record in the workbook – those women and men, girls and boys that help people in everyday life. In fact, in this day congratulations must accept all employees of a hospice and centers for social protection, workers of orphanages and shelters, mobile points of heating and help to socially vulnerable layers of the population. Social workers, volunteers, caregivers, nurses, helpers and even the employees of the Ministry of labour and social protection, working on relevant social issues – they are all worthy warm words and sincere wishes of success in their hard work.

A bit of history

Date June 8 – selected not just. Almost two hundred years ago, in 1701, in this day signed a decree on the establishment of almshouses, the first social institutions on the territory of our country.

Originally, a hospice was a special house in the provinces, monasteries, and large Church communities, where they were supposed to contain the wounded, the lame, the elderly “soldiers” — those who had any rank in the army. This form of state support has repeatedly been subjected to reforms, sometimes up to proposals to close the shelters, however, the need for such institutions still outweighed all other arguments against.

The main objective of the poorhouse – assistance to persons not able to support themselves and service remains unchanged over the centuries. And today’s social centres, building on a century of experience, working with a single purpose – to help those in need.

The day of the social worker in 2021

This day in other countries

A celebration in honor of workers of the social sphere not only in Russia. Many of our neighbors – the CIS countries -also included similar events to the lists of state and professional holidays.

  • Kazakhstan. In this country, the celebration is called “Day of workers of social protection system”. Celebrated in autumn, in October last Sunday.
  • Ukraine. And here the name of the holiday is somewhat different – the first Sunday of November in Ukraine celebrates the Day of social worker. By the way, Ukrainian triumph is a year older than the Russian – officially this holiday was added to the list of trade days in 1999.
  • Armenia. Unlike our country, in Armenia in the event a fixed date every year the Day of social worker is celebrated on 4 November.
  • Belarus. Here, the celebration date is unchanged – Belarusians celebrate it on 5 Jan.

Good without borders

In addition to the state and there are international festivals devoted to social protection and those who are ready to provide protection. These events, supported by the United Nations and under its auspices organizations, two. The first world social work day (World Day of Social Work), the second world day of social justice (World Day of Social Justice).

The day of the social worker in 2021

World social work day

Annual holiday celebrated on the third Tuesday in March – in 2021 it will be on March 17. Founders – a number of international organizations, such as IASSW – Association of schools of social work. The initiative was supported by international, private and government agencies more than ninety countries of the world. USA also were among the States considered important to the emergence of a new holiday. Our country takes active part in various international intergovernmental program. Such tasks include the development and improvement of international social norms, the exchange of experience and participation in various committees, round tables and of the Assembly, organizing and conducting humanitarian actions, etc., etc.

World day of social justice

Established by the UN in 2007, select fixed date – February 20; in 2021 will mark the thirteenth time. The main cause of the increasing problems of social orientation. For this reason, the UN declared the main task of the new activities combating poverty, achieving social and gender equality, the welfare and social security for all, that is, residents of all countries and continents without any exceptions. The initiator of the appearance of the new holiday became the President of Kyrgyzstan K. Bakiyev on his behalf was made by the representative of the Republic at the next Assembly. In the future, the proposal was supported, and a year later in the world was on one occasion more.

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