The day of the entrepreneur in 2021

In 2021, the Day of the entrepreneur will mark only the 13th time. Professional holiday is gaining in popularity. Events are held not only on the regional but also the Federal level. Against the holiday are the representatives of small, medium and large businesses that have a significant impact on the development of a modern economy in the country.

The day of the entrepreneur in 2021

To mark

Most professional events have a floating date that changes every year. In this regard, there are and thinking about, what number Day of the entrepreneur in 2021. This holiday has a fixed date that does not depend on the day of the week. All businessmen and people who are associated with private activity are to be congratulated on may 26.

Important! In 2021 date is not changed, and therefore the entrepreneur’s Day will be celebrated on 26 may.

And although the holiday has official status, official days off, he is not. Since may 26 in 2021 falls on a Tuesday, all businessmen have to work in a familiar rhythm. Only need in a busy schedule to include visits to various events and dinners with relatives and friends.

Holiday date is chosen not casually. The fact that on may 26, began the official life of the enterprise in the USA, and more precisely in the USSR. On this day in 1986 was signed the law “On cooperation” that was the impetus for the development of new areas in the economy.

The day of the entrepreneur in 2021

The history of the holiday and the profession

Officially, the Day of the entrepreneur was approved in 2007. Mark it began after the signing by Vladimir Putin of the decree. The magnitude of the celebration increases each year. To the date time the different activities carried out not only in large cities but also in the regions.

Entrepreneurship originated several centuries, and even millennia. The first traders mentioned in Ancient Egypt. Authorities of the state even passed a special law according to which dishonest traders were executed. Forms of private activities existed in other countries. In the Russian Empire well-known entrepreneurs were the brothers Demidov, who founded factory for the production of weapons.

When the Soviet Union programs of economic development are not provided for private enterprise, although people were doing it illegally. Legalization of this activity occurred only in 1990, after the signing of the law.

Now small, medium and large businesses – the backbone of the economy of the state. If previously businessmen were treated with contempt, now this profession deserves respect. They have to work in conditions of serious competition. In this regard, they work seven days a week, constantly working to solve issues are the risks, sign the contracts. The introduction of the professional holiday was the opportunity to show respect to them.

The day of the entrepreneur in 2021


On the Day of the entrepreneur is usually carried out the following activities:

  • training;
  • round tables;
  • of the conference;
  • presentations;
  • master classes etc.

Hold annual international economic forum in ie, it brings together merchants of small, medium and large businesses, high-ranking officials, famous economists, honorary foreign guests, an influential Russian figures. The forum not only to address various questions, but will sign contracts, strengthened the country’s position in the international market.

In the regions usually organize events, which rewarded the businessmen in different categories, for example, “The successful entrepreneur”. Representatives of the profession are awarded diplomas, certificates, appreciation and material gifts (grants, financial prizes, certificates). Are the congratulations from the officials. Organize a concert program, and after it is satisfied with the buffet. Businessmen with family and friends gather for the holiday table. Them the sound of greetings and congratulations.

The day of the entrepreneur in 2021

Some interesting facts

With private activity due to a lot of interesting facts:

  1. According to statistics, 1 out of 18 people in the world is a businessman.
  2. The most number of entrepreneurs is in Uganda, more than 28% of the total population.
  3. Nearly a third of all existing enterprises in the world are women-owned.
  4. It is believed that in USA the most comfortable conditions for doing business, although the number of entrepreneurs the country ranks 42 (only 4.1% of the total population).
  5. Merchants in the middle one-third have to work more than regular employees.

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