The day of the doctor in 2021: what day | date

Doctors are the people whose work is irreplaceable in the life of modern society, they protect the health of dozens of people every day. Even on their own professional holiday, doctors do not allow themselves to rest and postpone business until tomorrow, because patients constantly need them. In this article, we will tell you about the history of the holiday, about special events, and also specify when the medic’s day will be celebrated in 2021.

The date for the celebration

A professional holiday is distinguished by the fact that this day honors not only doctors, but also nurses, nurses, laboratory assistants, dentists, orderlies, as well as all those who are related to medicine in General.

The day of the doctor in 2021: what day | date

Medic’s day is included in the state list of memorable days and professional holidays. This day is always celebrated on a Sunday, that is, on a non-working day. However, the transfer of the weekend to Monday, as is usually the case, is not carried out in this case.

Medical professionals are always congratulated on the third Sunday in June.

If you are interested in the date of the day of the doctor in 2021, then mark it in the calendarJune 20 it is on this day that the whole country will congratulate medical workers.

Medical professionals are honored not only in the American Federation, but also in all CIS countries. It is worth noting that in America, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia, the holiday is celebrated on the same date as in America — on the third Sunday of June.

The day of the doctor in 2021: what day | date

Azerbaijan has set a fixed date, and now they hold festive events on June 17. This date was chosen not by chance, since it was on June 17 in 1918 that the first Ministry of health in the Republic was formed.

In addition to the CIS, medic’s Day is celebrated in Europe and America, Asia and Africa. However, it is difficult to determine what date is medic’s day in 2020, since each country has its own date of celebration.

History of occurrence

The day of the medical worker has a history that dates back to the Soviet Union in 1980. However, after the collapse of the country, this day was not forgotten by the people, and in 1994, already in modern America, the day of the doctor is again included in the list of professional holidays.

The day of the doctor in 2021: what day | date

How to celebrate the holiday

The day of the medical worker does not have any special traditions of celebration. Usually, various concerts, round tables, meetings and meetings are organized on this date. Solemn speeches are dedicated to doctors, congratulations are heard from everywhere.

Honored medical workers are awarded new titles, various diplomas and awards. By presenting various awards, the society expresses its gratitude to doctors for the hard and important work that they perform on a daily basis.

In the American Federation, there are two highest awards — honored doctor and honored worker of medicine of America.

The Hippocratic Oath

We all know about the Hippocratic oath, even if we are not medical professionals. This is a commitment that all doctors make at the beginning of their career. Consider what an oath is in reality.

This is, in fact, a moral restriction that is imposed on a newly minted doctor. The oath can be described as a formula that defines the behavior and ethics of a medical professional. The text of this “promise” was written hundreds of years ago, but in our time a modified version of it is used, adapted to the present.

The day of the doctor in 2021: what day | date

Interestingly, in some countries, the Hippocratic oath is not read by medical graduates at all. For example, American graduate students make the so-called “promise” of a medic, based on the country’s professional code. In the United States, even a new, more modern version of the Hippocratic oath is considered unacceptable.

In the American Federation, the Hippocratic oath was changed into the doctor’s Oath, and the text of the “promise” was changed three times in all the years of the country’s existence. Today, this moral and ethical obligation is recorded even in the legislative framework of America.

The day of the medical worker in America is an opportunity for the whole society and the state as a whole to Express deep gratitude and respect to those people who, not sparing themselves and their own health, are ready to help people on a daily basis. Mark the date of the day of the doctor in 2021, so that, for example, you can congratulate the medical professionals you know.

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