The day of the doctor in 2021

Those who are always on the protection of the health, those whose work is not just important, but actually indispensable in society – physicians. And even in their professional holiday these people can’t afford to have a complete rest and forget about the responsibilities and duty. Tell about history and traditions, that when the Day of the doctor in 2021, about the festivities for the Grand date.

In a number of professional medical holidays, the Day of the doctor always stood out particularly. What differs it from the Day of the doctor or Day nurse, for example? The fact that on this day to commemorate not just doctors or nurses, but everyone who is related to medicine. Is surgeons and physicians, dentists and laboratory technicians, nurses and midwives, researchers and technologists, chemists and biologists – in short, all whose work depends on the health and life of man.

The day of the doctor, or how, the medical worker Day USA celebrates the third Sunday June. In 2021, the Day of the doctor falls on June 21.

Included in the official state list of professional holidays and memorable days. As always falls on a Sunday is non-working, however, the rule of the holidays is not covered.

Together with Russia professionals health professionals congratulations in other countries, our neighbors in the CIS. For example, in Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, the holiday is celebrated on the same day – the third Sunday of June. But in Azerbaijan this celebration a fixed date – June 17, in honor of the founding of Ministries of health in 1918, the first Republic. In addition to the CIS, their Day physicians there are in Europe, Latin and North America, Africa, Asia.

The day of the doctor in 2021


The day of the doctor – an event with a long history. He appeared nearly sixty years ago, in 1980. With the collapse of the Soviet Union the celebration was not forgotten and in 1994 a formal decree of the President of the Day of medical worker returns to the list of professional holidays.


A single, common traditions, developed over the years, the Day care providers no. Most often, this holiday is celebrated round tables, public meetings, concerts, meetings. From the stages and tribunes are solemn speeches, the congratulations, the most outstanding workers are awarded prizes, certificates and titles. In USA there are two top awards, which can get professional medicine. This “Honored doctor of the Russian Federation” and “Honored worker of health of the Russian Federation”. The presentation of this award is a clear recognition of service to the society and the state, gratitude for the lives saved, the remarkable talent and genuine dedication to the field of medicine.

The Hippocratic Oath

Anyone who has ever faced the medicine, heard about the Hippocratic oath – a solemn promise, which every doctor gives when receiving a diploma. However, not all know, what is this oath really is.

In our country the Hippocratic oath has turned into the Oath of the Russian doctor, with the text of the solemn promises over the years of existence of the state was changed three times. Today is the ethical promise built to some legislative norms and fixed in the law on health protection.

The day of the doctor in 2021

The history of the chief medical code is still not clear due to too much “age” of the text. It is known that the text of the oath is far older than the time of life of Hippocrates. According to legend, the great physician of antiquity, is descended from the God Asclepius, God of healing. Once Asclepius was mortal, but because of his talent to heal people was elevated to the rank of immortal. The promise of “do no harm” was passed down among his descendants, and every new physician before you embark on the path of treatment, solemnly swore to observe all the precepts of their ancestor. Hippocrates first recorded the text and invited all his students to promise to follow the specified moral and ethical standards.

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