The day of Russian science in 2021

USA scientists are looking forward to February, because this month marked their professional holiday. The Russian science day in 2021 will be celebrated across the country. It was established as a sign of gratitude to the physicists, mathematicians, chemists and other academics, giving people new inventions and simplifying life.

Date and history of the holiday

The Russian science day in 2021 will be celebrated on 8 February. This is a young holiday that appeared in the late XX century. In 1999, the President of the Russian Federation issued a decree on the introduction of this commemorative day in the list of professional holidays.

February 8 was chosen, as this number about three hundred years ago founded the Russian Academy of Sciences.

It happened in 1724 by decree of Peter I. the First specialized research institution, which opened in the USA, became Petersburg “Academy of Sciences and arts”. The historical name was once again returned to her after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. RAS is by far the largest scientific center in Russia, the purpose of which can be considered the development of natural Sciences and Humanities.

The day of Russian science in 2021

What a feast was in the Soviet Union

In Soviet times, on the third Sunday in April, it was decided to celebrate the Day of Soviet science. The date was chosen based on the time of the writing of V. I. Lenin his scientific articles (from 18 to 25 April), which was the first work to identify ways of development of Soviet science in the Soviet Union.

Further studies and discoveries of Soviet scientists made a great contribution in the history of the world. In the USSR first launched a nuclear power plant, developed the space program and has created an artificial satellite. Many scientists became Nobel prize winners in mathematics, medicine, physics, astronomy, chemistry, etc. M. Lomonosov, I. Pavlov, S. Korolev did much in order to realize the potential of the country and improve economic development. Many scientists sacrificed their health or personal life in the name of experimentation.

The occasion of the UN

Also decided to celebrate world science day dedicated to development and peace. It is celebrated in the autumn, namely on 10 November. The appearance of the feast obliged to UNESCO, the concept of emergence which was first announced in 1999. Already in 2001, the festival has received official status and became celebrated in all countries.

The day of Russian science in 2021

Day Darwin

In addition to the mentioned festival under the auspices of the UN, there is also a so-called Day of Darwin (Darwin Day). Its celebration falls on the birthday of the famous English scientist 10 Feb.
The first Darwin Day was marked in 2001 in the United States of America. Received in popularity, it spread around the world.


8 February is a public holiday in the USA, but for scientists it becomes a festive and a solemn day. Decided to conduct the following activities:

  • academic institutions conduct lectures and seminars for all comers;
  • often in this day and defend dissertations;
  • academics, technicians and other staff members congratulate each other;
  • arranged corporate events and other festive events;
  • prizes are awarded for achievements.

The day of Russian science in 2021

February 8 at different institutions put on the table, which discusses professional topics. On this day, you can congratulate not only those directly associated with science, but:

  • diligent students;
  • students who are going to associate adulthood with science;
  • teachers and educators;
  • candidates of Sciences and professors;
  • researchers;
  • employees of the medical sphere.

Gifts can be selected on the basis of personal preferences of the person, or to choose what will be useful to him in everyday life. This can be a watch, gloves, GPS, bags, accessories for gadgets, Souvenirs, stationery, portfolio. Women will not be superfluous to give flowers. The celebrants will appreciate the care and attention.

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