The day of Regardie in 2021

To know what number in 2021, the Day of Regardie, it is important for all military and civilians with regard to the service, as well as their loved ones. This holiday is relatively young but has deep historical roots.

Traditionally, cities are solemn procession to the monuments of the defenders of the Fatherland. Then, the command awards distinguished staff commendations, awards, titles. In many localities there are concerts with participation of veterans of the security services.

The day of Regardie in 2021

The history of the holiday

In 2021, the Day of Regardie will be held for the fourth time. Ceremonial events are held with the participation of civilian and military personnel of national guard. This holiday was approved by President of the Russian Federation in January 2017 and is dedicated to the creation of the Internal guard (1811).

The task of the personnel Department – security in the country, protection of rights and freedoms of all without exception of citizens. The representatives of Regardie responsible for public order, security of goods of special purpose, protection of strategically important objects. They are actively assisting other counties in the territorial defence.

Attention! Regardie cooperates with the border troops and the army that is actively fighting against extremist and terrorist organizations, but its activities were conducted inside, not outside the USA.

The word “guard” has Italian roots. It is translated as “guardian” that fully reflects its essence. The first national guard in world history appeared in France as a consequence of the suppression of the Vendée rebellion. In the Russian interpretation of the “prototype” of the national guard can be called with the guardsmen of Ivan the terrible.

The day of Regardie in 2021

Traditions and customs

The Day of Regardie traditional:

  • On 27 March, the Director structure officially congratulates all employees on their professional holiday.
  • The command of the celebrated distinguished staff who give valuable gifts are assigned the title of extraordinary.
  • Each year, the commander of the troops of the national guard, General Viktor Zolotov, together with his deputies, lays a wreath at the monument to Emperor Alexander I.
  • Another annual tradition – the laying of wreaths by the highest officers of the Central apparatus to the monument “to Soldiers of internal troops who died in the line of duty”, which is on the street Krasnokazarmennaya.

On March 27 decided to celebrate in a circle of family members, among colleagues.

The celebration emphasizes the importance of intelligence, the importance of its work for the state, to save the country peace and prosperity. Solemn processions are held in all places of a dislocation of military units of the other divisions of Regardie.

Every year in the Kremlin Palace is a concert devoted to this day. The participation of popular pop stars and in the hall, as a rule, there is the President himself and his entourage.

The day of Regardie in 2021

Interesting facts

  • The emblem of Regardie you can see the double-headed eagle, crowned with a Golden crown. In his clenched paws crossed swords with blades of pure silver. The chest of the eagle protects bound in maroon with silver shield depicting a horseman symbolically slaying the dragon with his spear.
  • Flag Regardie looks like a white flag of rectangular shape, which is maroon four-pointed cross, the ends of which expanded, as well as the traditional emblem of the interior troops.
  • From 1996 to 2016 is March 27 in the Russian Federation celebrated the Day of internal troops of the interior Ministry.
  • Regardie as a paramilitary state institutions, protecting civil interests and integrity of the country, was formed April 5, 2016, by the decree of President Vladimir Putin, but the celebration it was decided to celebrate it on March 27.
  • In addition to the power units in this structure are actively involved in civil departmental staff.
  • In 2017, the composition of the Department includes police officers, private security, SWAT.

The day of Regardie in 2021

2012 for employees of Regardie a ban (limitation) on a visit to some foreign countries.

The duration of such measures shall be limited to the time period of contract service. The law was adopted due to the escalation in recent years of relations between the superpowers. To know the list of countries, entry to which employees of special services is forbidden on the official website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. At the head of the list is USA, Israel, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, the Baltic countries.

Employees of power structures receive numerous bonuses, including a stable and high salary, bonuses, numerous perks, early retirement, the possibility of obtaining apartments from the state. To fully enjoy all the opportunities offered to national employees requires strict obedience to the guidelines, adherence to service regulations and discipline.

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