The day of Peter and Fevronia in 2021

In 2021, the Day of Peter and Fevronia will be traditionally devoted to family values, loyalty and love. These revered saints of Murom not only in Church but in the nation. At the time they were a couple to emulate. Their relationship can now serve as a good example for young families.

To mark

Since some religious holidays are “floating” date, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what day will be the Day of Peter and Fevronia. This holiday has nothing to Paschal, and so the date does not change from year to year.

Important! In 2021, the Christian-national holiday dedicated to saints of Murom, will be celebrated on 8 July.

It is believed that the memory of the saints honored in the day of their death, although it is not so. Some historical sources indicate that the burial of the Prince and the Princess fell on Bright week in 1228. It is known that Easter is always celebrated in April, but not in June (old calendar, the holiday falls on 25 June). If the information is correct, then a mismatch occurs, but researchers it is easy to explain. June 25 (July 8) is connected with another important event – the transfer of the relics of saints from one Cathedral to another. Since these events happened several centuries ago (presumably in the XV century), scientific evidence the researchers yet.

The day of Peter and Fevronia in 2021

The love story of this couple

The story of the life of Orthodox saints is shrouded in legends that are passed down from generation to generation for several centuries. Began the story of two lovers with the fact that the Prince of Murom had fallen ill with leprosy. No one could help him get rid of the disease. One day he had a dream that cured it maybe a girl named Fevronia. He went on Ryazan land and found a girl who was engaged in sorcery and well known medicinal herbs. The Prince turned to her for help. Fevronia went to the meeting, but put forward a condition – the Prince must marry her.

The gentleman agreed to her conditions. She really was able to cure him from leprosy. Well, the Prince kept his word, so took it to Moore himself. Later they got married. The Prince and Princess loved each other, and therefore never parted. In old age, both went to the monastery and took vows. They wrote a will in which he asked to bury them in one coffin. God they wanted to die because life without a soulmate, it seemed unbearable. Surprisingly, the saints died in one day and for almost an hour. At first they were buried in different places, but in the morning they are incredible together. Saints were canonized in 1547.

Interesting! In the historical Chronicles there is no mention of Prince Peter of Murom. Scientists speculate that the legend was of David Y. and his wife. After the tonsure, the Prince began to call Peter. About his wife in historical sources there is little or no information.

The day of Peter and Fevronia in 2021

Traditions and rituals

July 8, believers will go into the temple to worship. Peter and Fevronia are considered patrons of family, so the couple turn to him with prayers. They bring family well-being and happiness. Pilgrims travel to Holy Trinity convent, which now are kept the relics of saints.

In ancient times it was believed that on this day mermaids went deep into the water, so you can safely swim in the waters. Like other holidays, the girls were wondering to know about your Sienna, but it is strictly forbidden to use black magic. Our ancestors on this day did not go to the forest to avoid getting lost. It was believed that evil spirits tangle the traces of man, so he can’t return home.

The day of family, love and fidelity

A couple of Murom princes became a symbol of love and fidelity. In 2006, activists in Murom gathered more than 20 thousand votes in support of the establishment of a family holiday in honor of the Orthodox saints. After 2 years, the first Day of family, love and fidelity, with the support of Svetlana Medvedeva.

Since then, the holiday dedicated to family values, is held annually in almost all cities in the USA, although the main events are traditionally organized in Murom. Among the main traditions – awarding medals “For love and fidelity”. It can only get couples who have been together 25 years and who raised worthy children.

The history of the spouses of Peter and Fevronia: video

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