The day nurses in 2021

If among your friends there are health care workers, it is necessary to remember, what day in 2021 to celebrate the Day of a nurse because this date is a great opportunity to congratulate the people standing on guard of our health.

Nurses and nurse – indeed essential personnel, on whose shoulders often lie the care and responsibility for a clear and proper implementation of the orders of a physician.

In 2021, however, as before, to congratulate the health workers will be may 12 (Tuesday). If you believe the factory calendar 2021, this day will be the weekends.

The day nurses in 2021

The nursing profession

Scientists who have studied the origins of various professions believe that the first nurse appeared in 1853. That’s when English activist Florence Nightingale founded the first organization of “sisters of mercy”, which can take women wanting to help the wounded and care for the soldiers during the period of rehabilitation after serious injuries.

Interestingly, the sisters were joined by women of different classes. Among them were aristocrats, and ordinary peasants and nuns. Of course, none of the women who supported the idea of Florence Nightingale, had no medical education. But, they quickly absorbed the necessary knowledge from the doctors with whom it worked closely, and perfectly coped with the assigned on their shoulders responsibilities, thanks to a truly feminine ability to empathize and care about others who need help.

The day nurses in 2021

After a short period of time “sisters of mercy” is not just cared for the sick, and assisted physicians with complex medical procedures and even operations. They have become indispensable, although since the creation of the first group to the recognition of the profession took a long time. And today, interested in the question, what date in 2021 to celebrate the Day nurses, should remember the feat that made the first “sisters of mercy”.

In 1899 was founded the international Council of nurses (ICN — International Council of Nurses). Organization and today continues to work with millions of highly skilled employees worldwide. Of course, in the twenty-first century, the profession is no longer considered solely women and among younger health workers, and a lot of males that do their jobs well, helping people in the most difficult moments of life.

The day nurses in 2021

The history of the holiday

Your own personal holiday nurses were almost 70 years since the formation of the first group under the leadership of Florence Nightingale. In 1974, representatives of similar organizations from 141 countries of the world met at Council to discuss a number of important issues, among which was the proposal to establish a professional holiday.

The answer to the question, what number should celebrate the Day nurses were quickly found – as a special date chosen is the birthday of the founder of the first volunteer organization F. Nightingale and in 2021, as almost 50 years ago, this day is celebrated on may 12.

The day nurses in 2021

The day nurses in USA

We have a holiday officially celebrated since 1993, although the profession still existed at the time of Peter I.

This day is traditionally hold events dedicated to the professional activities of nurses: conferences, round tables and various meetings and workshops. The representatives of this profession give a variety of gifts, sweets and flowers to creative themed Souvenirs or even expensive gifts in gratitude for care in a crisis.

The day nurses in 2021 The day nurses in 2021 The day nurses in 2021

The medal named after Florence Nightingale

Once the medal was awarded to nurses who saved the life of the wounded at the points of military conflicts, but today’s prize may be awarded and health care workers of a General hospital.

Nomination of participants is done twice a year, and the winner announce on the Day of nurses on 12 may.

The day nurses in 2021Now that you ask, what day in 2021 will celebrate the Day nurse, you will be able not only to tell the date, but also tell a lot of interesting facts about this holiday.

Other important dates

In addition nurses paramedics in the USA celebrate other holidays:

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