The concept of additional education of children until 2021

The necessity of modernization of additional education (TO) is long overdue, to implement its plan up to 2021 in accordance with the concept approved by government decree N 1726-p dated 04.09.2014 of the year.

What additional education

Under the implied excess extra-curricular education programs that were not included in the list of compulsory study, in accordance with Federal and regional standards.

In the sphere UNTIL there is enough problems:

  • There is no effective monitoring that allows to evaluate the quality of the program and students ‘ knowledge.
  • Outdated training facilities and infrastructure.
  • Parents, teachers and children are not motivated.

The list is not full. The concept of development, mentioned above, is designed to upgrade the existing further education, improve its competitiveness.

The concept of additional education of children until 2021


The document focuses on the mission, goals and objectives, the implementation of which allow a radical shift in the existing educational system. This is necessary because the task EN masse to provide mandatory training and make it more accessible secondary and higher education have been resolved.

Values and needs of modern society are changing – changing the mission of further education. The concept sees it:

  • In creating the conditions for personal development of children, providing them with opportunities for self-expression.
  • Motivating the younger generation to the creative, scientific, sports, employment development.
  • The implementation of the program of study variability, to personalize them.

This means that in 2021 will increase the attractiveness of the system TO because in its basis the model of “education for people”. The value of this model – in personalization and free choice training programs, increase the motivational potential of openness.


The current system is TO is a kind of “social Elevator” for the child. In our educational institutions, pre-school and school children receive basic training necessary for the normal development of the volume. Mandatory training – the right of all children regardless of their social status, health and financial situation of the family in which they are brought up.

The benchmark is not personalised and objective the study aimed on the result. The implementation of the Concept of additional education of children up to 2021 will solve this and other equally important tasks:

  • Will create favourable conditions for child and adolescent initiatives for their successful implementation.
  • Will provide access to modern technology and global knowledge.
  • Rehabilitating the infrastructure of further education due to government support and increasing investment attractiveness.
  • Contribute to the engagement and participation of families in programs dopobrazovaniya.
  • Implement effective assessment tools for child and adolescent outcomes.
  • Update the content of the curriculum so that they coincide with the interests of the individual child, consistent with the values and needs of society.

The concept of additional education of children until 2021

Implementation steps

Implementation takes place in 2 stages.

2nd stage started in the current year and for the period 2018-2021. It concerns the practical implementation of activities and programs for the development of additional educational institutions included in the plan. Under the scrutiny of pilot projects and results.

We invite you to read the full text of the concept of further education :

Key features

Strategy of development of additional education up to 2021 covers a wide range of issues aimed at improving the status and standing of further education. The main aspects of the strategy relate to:

  • personal-developing potential;
  • competitive advantages compared to other educational forms;
  • of unique programs TO.

Personality-developing potential

This is a fundamentally new approach to educational process in General and the child as an individual. It is achieved through an integrated approach including:

  • Voluntary choice students educational programme, the intensity of its study, the teacher.
  • Opportunities to experiment with the content of programs, forms of their execution, the assessment of the final results.
  • Introduction in educational process of social interaction and practices. It could be volunteer activities and any other social practice.
  • The close relationship of educational process and life. Today, some components of the educational process – theory, divorced from reality.
  • Association of pupils of different age groups. This will become a new social and cultural experiences, improve the communication of different age groups.
  • The right to their own experience of children and adolescents, acquired by trial and error.

The concept of additional education of children until 2021

Competitive advantages

From conceptual TO have competitive advantages over existing formal approach to the educational programs. Among the main advantages should be highlighted:

  • The freedom of choice.
  • Its individuality.
  • The availability of information of interest to everyone.
  • Global knowledge in the industry.
  • The rapid adaptation of programs to changes in the world and society. It is achieved due to the variability of their content.
  • The personalization of learning.

The authors of the Concept paid a lot of attention to personalization programs, personal rights of the child. No this will not work to create optimal conditions for the socialisation and adaptation of the younger generation, to satisfy their intellectual and aesthetic interests.

The education development strategy from 2021 to 2025: video

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