The composition of Salavat Yulaev in 2021-2022 year: KHL, new team

In connection with the establishment of a strict salary cap HC “Salavat Yulaev” has made serious changes. I had to part with expensive players, negotiate with others about a reduction in wages. However, by June they were able to solve almost all transfer tasks and form a squad.

Salavat Yulaev’s top transfers for the 2021-2022 KHL season

Those who left the club

New Salavat Yulaev players for the 2021-2022 season


The main star of HC Linus Umark left the club and will now play for Switzerland. Another serious loss is A. Burmistrov, who is now a member of AK bars . Kruchinin, Mayorov and Krikunov also left the team.

Although no new forwards have been signed yet, an agreement has been officially announced with Markus Granlund (Edmonton). They are going to replace the extreme forward Umark (the first three) who left the Salavat Yulaev hockey club for the 2021-2022 season. However, experts doubt that in the KHL the player will be able to prove himself in the best possible way and become a big star.

The composition of Salavat Yulaev in 2021-2022 year: KHL, new team

The club announced its desire to return its Central striker M. Vorobyov from HC Philadelphia (North America). However, the player will most likely be able to come to the KHL no earlier than September or October, since the American team got into the playoffs. The situation is similar with M. Granlund.

Salavat Yulaev will also include promising young players Amirov, Alykin, and Bashkirov as forwards in the 2021-2022 season.

The playerAge (years)Contract validity (April 30)Height (cm)Weight (kg)A country
7Gimatov Eduard26202118089RF
10Ilya Baranov24202218377RF
17Vyacheslav Solodukhin31202118996RF
18Dmitry Kugryshev30202118185RF
19Bashkirov, Daniel19No information available18874RF
25Zharkov Vladimir32202118591RF
41Lukin Vladislav23202118690RF
62Khokhryakov Peter30202218583RF
65Manninen Sakari28202117071Finland
70Hartikainen Theme302022186103Finland
78The Alexander Kadeikin Had262021195100RF
87Kuzmin Gleb23202118082RF
90Nikita Soshnikov26202118183RF
98Kartaev Vladislav28No information available18882RF
99Skorikov Daniil21202119388RF


The club was left by three key players: Pashnin, Sergeev and Arzamastsev. Panin, who is often removed from the ice and receives a suspension, and Larsen, the leading defender, remained in the main squad. However, new players will join Salavat Yulaev in the 2021-2022 season. Contracts were signed with Biryukov and Korobov. These are young Ufa hockey players, but experts doubt their ability to play in the KHL.

The playerAge (years)Contract validity (April 30)Height (cm)Weight (kg)A country
Not assignedBannikov Andrey23No information available18593RF
2Koledov Pavel25202118595RF
5Alexey Semenov39No information available198113RF
11Panin Grigory34No information available18482RF
14Lisovets Evgeny25202118393Belarus
24Korobov Dmitry312022191104Belarus
36Larsen Philip30202218281Denmark
36Myasishchev Igor23No information available18695RF
42Petrishchev Ruslan22202119291RF
48Biryukov Evgeny34202118694RF
75Zalygin Cyril24202218685RF
85Мухамадуллин Шакир18No information available18977RF


The playerAge (years)Contract validity (April 30)Height (cm)Weight (kg)A country
77Metsola Juha31202217769Finland
30Vladislav Sukhachev22No information available17982RF

Metsola is one of the strongest players in the KHL, but last season he did not show his best side. Therefore, the club has added Salavat Yulaev to the new squad for the 2021-2022 season, replacing the young Sukhachev who left Karaev’s team. However, he also did not distinguish himself with a good game in Traktor.

The composition of Salavat Yulaev in 2021-2022 year: KHL, new team

The situation in the club

According to information leaked to the media, in the spring of 2020, players were delayed in their salaries. There were rumors about the termination of his contract with HC Teema Hartikainen for this reason.

Information about the debt General Director of the club A. Kurnosov confirmed, naming the reason – technical difficulties. He said that part of the salary for April was delayed, as well as bonuses for the season were not paid.

The Director also noted that 3-4 transfers are planned, but there are few strong players left on the market who can improve the composition of the Salavat Yulaev team in the 2021-2022 season. Given the financial difficulties of the club, it is unlikely to be possible to sign a contract with outstanding players. If earlier the team was saved by Umark and Co., now the forecasts for the upcoming season are very poor.

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