The children’s day in 2021

In 2021, the children’s Day will be traditionally held in big cities and small towns. It is dedicated to all children, regardless of whether they have parents or not. The festival aims to draw the attention of society to the problems of the little ones and make them happier, to give them hope and to surround them with love, care.

The children's day in 2021

The date for the celebration and the history of

The celebration date is fixed, and therefore does not change.

Important! In 2021, the children’s Day will be celebrated on the first day of summer – June 1.

First holiday for kids, school children and Teens was held in 1950. The initiator of its creation was made by the international democratic Federation of women. In the postwar period there were many orphans. In order to survive, they had to wander, starve, and even to steal. Concerned women stated that every child on Earth should be happy. To attract the attention of the public, the Congress, held in Paris, they proposed to create a special occasion. In the first year the idea was supported by more than 50 States.

By the way, the date for the celebration was chosen not by chance. The fact is that in 1925, in two different places happened significant events. Chinese Consul General in San Francisco decided to make for the orphans feast, signifying the arrival of summer. He prepared in advance for them treats. Liked the idea to local residents. By an amazing coincidence, on this day in Geneva, a conference was held devoted to the problems of children.

Interesting! In 1959 was published the Declaration of the rights of the child. Later developed another document – the Convention on the rights of the child. She appeared in 1989, and the following year was signed by the USSR.

The children's day in 2021

The tradition of celebrating

In this festival all attention is focused on the kids. Although I congratulate parents, teachers, social employees and other representatives of similar professions.

In celebration of the arrange:

  • festivals;
  • quests;
  • sporting events;
  • exhibition of children’s works;
  • creative competitions etc.

Teachers are awarded diplomas and certificates. Local authorities give gifts to orphanages, congratulate the talented children. To draw public attention to the future of the younger generation, the adults organize flash mobs of different subjects. In addition, there are charity events, and raised funds to send to orphanages or to help children with cancer.

By the way, the holiday has its own symbol. We are talking about the flag, on a green background depicts a blue planet and colored children. Each element of the ensign has its own value. The green background symbolizes the harmony in which all must live people. It gives a sense of freedom, choice and opportunity for development. Blue planet means a home for all. A different color is a symbol of tolerance of diversity. Children located on the flag so that their legs form a star that gives light to move forward, to achieve the goals.

The children's day in 2021

How to celebrate in

The basic actions devoted to Day of protection of children in 2021 will be held in the parks. Entertainment venues will unfold in Gorky Park “Izmailovo”, “Sokolniki”, “Tsaritsyno”, the garden of “Hermitage”, etc. For younger visitors want:

  • soap show;
  • the concert program;
  • quests and game;
  • workshops;
  • sporting events;
  • other entertainment.

Guests will be able to participate in competition of drawings on asphalt, to jump on an inflatable trampoline or swings. Also organise tours will hold a theatrical performance and prepare animation programmes.

The Palace of culture will be children’s groups, and educational institutions will hold contests for the best work. In the Grand Kremlin Palace will be held the interesting view. If you buy tickets in advance, you can save well. Entertainment events of different scale will be held in shopping malls, educational institutions, cinemas, stadiums and sports palaces.The children's day in 2021

How to celebrate the holiday in e

With a large scale plan to celebrate children’s Day in St Petersburg in 2021, and therefore prepare in advance a series of events. Traditionally, the celebration will take place in parks, on squares and in the palaces of culture, museums and theaters. For the younger generation organize:

  • drawing contest on paper and asphalt;
  • children’s festival;
  • show of soap bubbles;
  • city quest;
  • sports competitions on football, tennis and other sports.

In nursing homes, orphanages, schools concerts for children and their parents. Little residents and guests and adults can attend workshops, participate in interactive programs to compete in intellectual competitions and quizzes, to show their talents and just have fun.

See video about the history of children’s Day:

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