The chemist’s day in 2021

To celebrate chemist Day in 2021 will be all the people associated with this industry. It is important to know when it drops to congratulate colleagues, bosses or relatives. And although the holiday is not the most popular, of the people involved in it, not so little, because the chemical industry is now well developed, and companies working in this field are available in all major cities.

When will

The holiday has no fixed date because it is tied to the month, not day. Even in the Soviet Union as the day of celebration was chosen and approved last Sunday of may, although initially celebration on the first Saturday of April.

Important! In 2021, the chemist’s Day falls on may 31.

By the way, the professional holiday of specialists in this day will be celebrated in other States – Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

The history of

The rapid development of chemical industry is in the middle of the last century. To meet the needs of the state as a whole or of individual sectors, increasing the number of businesses that used the properties of substances for hair care, household chemicals, building materials and other purposes. In parallel, a growing number of people working in this industry.

The story of the festival began with 4 students of the chemistry Department of universities in 1960. They decided to dedicate to his beloved science small celebration. Independently wrote the script, picked up contests and entertainment. Although the event passed without pathos, like students and teachers. In this regard, the tradition of celebration has decided to consolidate on a permanent basis.

The chemist's day in 2021

Later Russian students decided to support students of the Moscow state University. They also began to hold the celebrations in the walls of the home institution. Gradually, the chemist’s Day was extended to enterprises of this sector. Despite this, official status was given only in 1980. Then was chosen a single date for the celebration. In the list of official holidays in USA no day of the chemist, although the employees of the respective industry the old fashioned way, celebrate it in late may.

“The celebrants”

Traditionally, in 2021, the chemist’s Day will mark the specialists working at the enterprises which are engaged in the manufacture of fertilizers for agriculture, cosmetics, household chemicals for home and professional use, etc. Their professional holiday last may, the Sunday people believe, works aimed at studying the properties of materials and substances, their interaction. You can congratulate and scientists working on the creation of new fabrics, building materials and other goods. Celebrate it and himfelf students at universities across the country, from where it originated, to small towns in the Outback.

The tradition of celebrating

During the existence of the celebration, a consolidated tradition and customs. This day is usually carried out:

  • seminars;
  • scientific conference;
  • round tables for discussion of new discoveries and prospects;
  • educational courses etc.

In schools usually organize round tables or conferences to not only share new discoveries, but also success stories of other people employed in this industry. Necessarily performed a “skit”. Students prepare for competitions, entertaining games. At the festive meal young scientists often prepare fancy cocktails or in other ways show their professional skills.

The chemist's day in 2021

Every year the Day of chemist is dedicated to one of the elements of the periodic table, although it never was approved.

Interesting! Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev is considered the most well-known Russian chemist. Despite his discoveries, he never became a Nobel laureate. Twice the award has given other scientists, and when his work was recognized by the achievement, he has left this world.

With the greatest scope to celebrate the holiday in the cities in which the majority of people working in the chemical enterprise. Often in such localities together and celebrate the city day. The mayor presents employees with awards and gifts for employees are concerts and live entertainment, and the celebration often ends with fireworks.

If some of your friends or relatives are chemists, don’t forget to congratulate them with their professional holiday. In advance, prepare themed gifts (the”bulb” for spices for home experiments, etc.) or cards.

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