The carnival of Venice in 2021: dates of

Every year at the carnival in Venice attracts at least half a million tourists, so those wishing to attend the Grand event in 2021 in advance and specify the date. The fact that housing, the tables in the cafe and the show tickets must be booked for a few months. Before the carnival of seats available there is little, and the prices soar pretty high.

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The carnival of Venice is held annually in different countries. It is connected with the reference to the Catholic Easter, which, as we know, has no fixed date. The festive events during which local residents and tourists dressed in beautiful costumes and put on masks, start a little more than two weeks before the Great lent. The opening of carnival always falls on Saturday. The final competitions, awards and concerts are held in the so-called Fat Tuesday – the last day before lent, when there can be plenty of Goodies and have fun, not to put himself in the carnal and mental pleasures. Continue the festivities until midnight. With the ringing of bells all entertainment activities cease.

Important! In 2021, the Venetian carnival will be held from 8 to 25 February (inclusive).

Tourists who want to visit the carnival in Rio de Janeiro in 2021, you should know that it dates partly coincide with the holiday in Venice. In Brazil, dancing in fancy and revealing clothes, as well as competitions and parades through the streets of the city will take place from 22 to 25 February.

The carnival of Venice in 2021: dates of

The history of the emergence

History of the Venice carnival goes back almost a Millennium. The first mention of it dates back to 1094, although the large-scale festivals was first held in 1162. They were timed to win over the Patriarch Aquilae. Since then they were held annually.

Now the main attribute of the carnival is the Venetian mask. According to historical data, to use it did not start immediately, but approximately in the XIII-XIV century. Initially the mask was used with one purpose – to achieve social equality. Because the person was hiding, so it was not clear where the rich, and where poor. For the manufacture of masks used simple and available materials – paper and plaster. They were painted by paints. Now they are made of leather and other expensive materials, painted by hand of a famous master. Such works are expensive. Sometimes the price goes up to several thousand dollars, although the streets of Venice are on sale and cheaper counterparts.

Over time, black coats which they wore members of folk festivals gave way to a lush and luxurious outfits. In 1979, the carnival has acquired the status of official holiday. In 1996 there was another important event – the famous fashion designer Pierre Cardin has written a hymn, which now sounds every year at the opening ceremony.

Interesting fact! In the beginning of the XVIII century, the government banned the wearing of the mask during carnival. This decision was caused by the increase in crimes committed with the use of masks. Although only a year later the decision was reversed.

The carnival of Venice in 2021: dates of

Events and program

Even knowing the dates of the carnival of Venice in 2021, travelers should get acquainted with the program in advance to properly schedule your time and stay busy. Annually as part of the festivities include:

  • La Festa Veneziana. The Grand opening of the carnival will be held on Saturday, February 8. On this day, arrange a massive holiday, La Festa Veneziana. Its main feature is that the guests are showered with confetti. It is believed that bright colored paper bring happiness to the audience.
  • Water parade. On Sunday, February 9, La Festa Veneziana will continue, but the main action moves from land out over the water. The center channel will be a parade of festive boats.
  • Festa delle Marie. The procession, which is attended by 12 girls from different districts of Venice. Participants are usually selected by the special jury for the week prior to the event. Among the girls choose the winner, who will participate in the “Flight of the angel” at the next festival.
  • “Angel flight”. Incredibly beautiful event, the essence of which is that the previous winner of the parade in a white fancy dress descend on the straps with a 100-meter height. Sight captivates audiences.
  • The competition of masks and costumes. It is usually held in the last days of the carnival. Participate in it can all attend. The only condition is to have a mask and matching outfit. And while in Venice you can take the costume rental, the outfit should think in advance, because the rental cost will be quite high.
  • The parade of costumes. Completes the carnival. The streets of Venice carrying locals and travelers to the incredible costumes. The parade is accompanied by fun music and dancing.

  • The carnival of Venice in 2021: dates of
  • The carnival of Venice in 2021: dates of
  • The carnival of Venice in 2021: dates of
  • The carnival of Venice in 2021: dates of
  • The carnival of Venice in 2021: dates of
  • The carnival of Venice in 2021: dates of

Within the entertainment program and arrange other Flights. For example, “Flight of the donkey” is a parody of the “Flight of the angel”. The soaring eagle symbolizes the walkers. The name of the hero to the last remains a mystery. “Flight of the lion” is the raising of the flag of the city.

Many events of the carnival held in the streets and canals of Venice. You can watch them for free. In the period of festivities in the houses of culture, theaters and other entertainment establishments, show, theater, etc. ticket Price depends on the program and institution and ranges from 50 to 500 euros.

How is the carnival in Venice: video

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