The caravan of Coca-Cola in 2020-2021 year: the schedule of the route

On the eve of one of the most favorite holidays USAн – New year – the Caravan of Coca-Cola for the nineteenth year in a row, went on a journey across the country. The route schedule is formed every year. In 2020-2021 year “get lucky” in just five cities of the country. Shiny trucks with the image of the good Santa Claus from the famous infomercial transferred to the streets, to charge the residents of the largest cities of the magical Christmas mood.

The festive route

At the turn of 2016-2017 Caravan Coca-Cola did stop in 65 Russian cities from a to Vladivostok. In the route 2020 only 5 cities (in the previous year there were 12). String magic of the trucks went to a Christmas journey, November 21, from . First stop was Novosibirsk (November 30-December 1), and a week – Ekaterinburg (7-8 December). Further festive atmosphere train lucky residents of the following cities:

  • Kazan – on December 14-15.
  • Nizhny Novgorod on 21-22 December.
  • Rostov-on-don – December 28.

At the same time in the schedule 2020 does not include the city of Samara , Togliatti, which previously was a constant stopping place of the Caravan.

History of the Christmas Caravan started in the USA in 2000 thanks to one of truck drivers of Coca-Cola. Coming back from a long flight, he drove past the orphanage and decided to congratulate its students and educators. As the gifts were, of course, was the jar with a drink. Already in 2001 at the initiative of one of the employees of the regional divisions appeared organized by the project, the scale of which every year is gaining momentum.

The caravan of Coca-Cola in 2020-2021 year: the schedule of the route


Usually a stop of red trucks in 2020 become Parking lots of hypermarkets “Mega”. They become the epicenter of the Christmas market with colourful artwork and lots of twinkling lights where the locals can have fun. Here you can buy themed gifts and clothing joint production of Coca-Cola and shops, “Your”, do gingerbread decoration or an original gift packaging, send friends a postcard.

A mandatory element of the program is a designated time to take a photo with Santa Claus or send him letters with their wishes. Individual machine Caravan transformirovalsya in the scene. It becomes a place of performances by local musicians, bands, DJs that made the music of celebration. In addition, guests of the fair, a winter tea FuzeTea and new flavor of the popular drink – Coca-Cola with cinnamon. The last is marketed exclusively as a winter product which will be sold in retail outlets only until March 2021.

For each city involved in the Christmas route 2020 provides for individual program. However, it is announced only on the eve of the arrival of the Caravan to the destination. View the list of activities and their duration will be on the official website . In addition, the official YouTube channel of the Russian representative office, you can follow the route of the Caravan and it stops.

The caravan of Coca-Cola in 2020-2021 year: the schedule of the route

Social project

Christmas Caravan Coca-Cola is not only entertainment for the inhabitants of the cities, where, as in advertising, “the holiday comes” along with signature trucks. First of all, this is one of the most ambitious volunteer projects. That USA was the first country where he acquired a social color and focus on those who are in difficult situations. The project aims to give a new year mood children and adolescents in children’s homes, boarding schools, rehabilitation centers, children’s hospitals. From 13 to 24 December 2020 festive events will be held in specially organized sites:

  • and the Moscow region;
  • a;
  • Of Nizhny Novgorod;
  • Omsk;
  • Of Yekaterinburg;
  • Samara;
  • Rostov-on-don;
  • Krasnoyarsk;
  • Vladivostok;
  • Novosibirsk.

It is in these cities are best organized volunteer teams of the Russian division of the Coca-Cola company, which will create a Christmas atmosphere for children and adolescents with different characteristics and capabilities. In the program are expected theatrical performances, creative workshops and master classes, area with musical instruments, competitions, outdoor games, gifts for all children. Moreover, the program is constructed in such a way that it had involved children and adolescents with physical or intellectual development.

The Christmas caravan in 2020: video

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