The car project 2021

Russian Railways (RZD), represented by the Director for passenger service, announced the imminent replenishment of the company cars of the new type. Absolutely breakthrough concept cars project 2021 for Railways is developing a non-profit organization "the Consortium of centers of economic programmes and policies". Implementation of a new, in the field of long-distance train project, Russian Railways expects to significantly reduce the cost of travel, thereby to increase the passenger traffic and compete with aviation and road transport.

The car of new generation

First of all, it should be noted that for the first time in the history of the domestic car building, with the design of the railway car, namely, car project 2021 will take into account the wishes of the passengers. In the course of sociological surveys of hundreds of USAн experts said the most painful issues. Special attention to the Railways was paid to the study comfortable travelling with young children.

It is expected that the new rolling stock will be commissioned by the end of 2020. The cars of type 2021, developed under the leadership of chief designer of the Tver carriage-building plant Nikolay Siratava will be radically different from the double-Decker coaches and the first-generation cars such as 2020. Experts point to several new and improved consumer and technical and economic characteristics:

  • A new level of comfort. The old shelves will be replaced with a wider sofa with headrests. Near each bed mount blinds for privacy. The location of each passenger will be equipped with a separate lighting device, USB connector and socket. Restrooms are equipped with baby changing facilities, hand dryers, automatic sanitary ware.

The car project 2021The car project 2021

  • Organization of self-service terminals. Unfrequented technology of passenger service involves reducing the number of conductors. Their function will be to perform self-service areas with vending machines. The Railways promises to provide a wide range of products.
  • Installation of modern video surveillance systems. Will allow at the highest level to monitor compliance with safety regulations.
  • Improved weight and dimension characteristics. Lightweight aluminium bodywork and advanced polymer materials will make the car, based on one place two times lighter and shorter than the former single-storey compartment cars. In comparison with two-story models 4465, as well as with the double-Decker cars of the first generation design will be a third lighter and 1-2 meters shorter.
  • The scheme “three in one”. That is, the three cars will be connected, allowing you to win a large amount of space inside. Such a seemingly bulky car, due to the light weight will be placed on two pairs of wheels, instead of the previous six.

The car project 2021The car project 2021

Interesting! Modern vehicles will soon appear not only in the Russian railway, but also in the subway. The development of the project "the Car 2021" was initiated by the Committee on transport. The development of a new concept of comfortable transportation in the metro are engaged in leading high-tech enterprises and scientific research institutes of the country. Trains of new generation will appear in the coming years in the metro and and.

New classes of cars

The configuration of the car 2021 extensively said the Director of the NP "CCAPS" Mr egorkin. The head of the company-developer of the concept explained that the new cars of the Russian railway will be three classes of service with barrier-free transitions between sections:

  • traditional 4-seater coupés;
  • a new class in the form of a single compartment;
  • enhanced comfort compartments with 1-2 local lodging and a private bathroom.

The capacity of passenger car will be equal to the total capacity to 3.5 cars with reserved seats of a type or 5 compartment old sample. In total, the new car can simultaneously accommodate 84 passengers. As promised, a number of people will be equipped with 12 toilets, some areas with guns, cameras for storage and one compartment for the conductor.

For clarity, non-commercial partnership "CRAPS" for the Railways ordered in the graphic design Studio booklet about the concept of a new two storey triple car 2021. Studio "a Reasonable approach" depicted a possible color version of cars. Also, the color depicts the internal structure of the rolling stock and the layout and connection zones. The publication contains detailed information on the main technical characteristics of the car project 2021.

The car project 2021

For information: When boarding and exiting of passengers on trains 2021 to help the conductor will be attracted Vokzalna brigade.

Travel will be more comfortable and cheaper

The economic unit concept of the new car 2021 designed to achieve two main goals:

  • the increase in passenger accommodation;
  • the decrease in cost of transportation.

Today, the situation for rail transport is developing in such a way that if you convert the time spent on the way in train compartment, in monetary terms, the cost is much more expensive than the cost of the tickets. The price of travel in second-class carriage in the pocket almost all the inhabitants of the Russian Federation, but the comfort level leaves much to be desired. For these reasons, the Railways annually loses thousands of customers. Especially critical is the situation on routes in the range from 500 to 2000 km Population when moving at such distances gives preference to planes and cars.

Innovative solutions such as the reduction of part of the train crew, the cheapening of the cost of the car and a larger volume of passengers per square meter will reduce the rate by almost half. RZD has high hopes for new projects to reform the wagons. It is expected that a higher level of comfort in passenger trains, such as 2020 and 2021 in the aggregate with lower cost of tickets will be a real breakthrough in the domestic railcar industry and rail transport.

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