The best shot 2 – movie 2021

95% is the rating of expectations of the movie “top gun 2” will be released in the summer of 2021. This is a continuation pattern about a first-class pilot, who has mastered the controls. And if in the first part he was just a cadet, then in the sequel, the viewer sees a grown-up and matured Pete Mitchell, who now teaches young people. Still the mass nostalgia that swept the transatlantic cinema and returns to the big screen heroes of the past, will return for another extraordinary pilot, Lieutenant nicknamed Maverick.

Skeptics claim that the film will not have success, because in 1986 watched it only because of the high level of tricks performed by the fighters. Then the audience it was a novelty, and especially the boys enthusiastically watched the picture and wanted to go to flight school. But, judging by the large number of downloads and online views, the first part of “top gun” look, and love still. Because it is also a fascinating story, and the personal drama of the protagonist.

The best shot 2 – movie 2021

The plot

The idea of the script, “top gun 2” is very original. Pete Mitchell is not the same young Lieutenant was an adventurer. Now he is the instructor who teaches the youth. And his life would proceed normally, if not experiment officials: the government decided to abolish the profession of pilots, because the aircraft can operate high-tech. Maverick can’t allow this, so once again gets behind the wheel to prove that man is much better robot in terms of control flying machines.

Tom cruise recalls that in 1986, the script and the whole project top gun seemed innovative, so he was happy. It is natural to play the role of a charming pilot with a toothy smile – who would refuse the chance to become even more famous and desirable among the female audience?

With no less pleasure Cruz is back in “top gun 2”. For elderly actor (In 2020 crews will be 57) this is a great chance to reassert itself and to show the audience his good form: both physical and acting. Although, he already did that in the new movie “Mission impossible” released in 2018.


The success of the first part “top gun” was so stunning that all were convinced of the imminent, yet another movie. But then Tom cruise was busy in other projects. In the end the initiators of the project decided to postpone the shooting for an indefinite period. And in 2010 Director Tony Scott has announced his intention to shoot a sequel. Cruz supported him because they worked together on the first part. But in 2012, Tony Scott committed suicide, so shooting again postponed.

The best shot 2 – movie 2021

Finally forget about the sequel to “top gun” gave Jerry Bruckheimer (all of the “Pirates of the Caribbean”) – the producer of the first film. In interviews, he has repeatedly stressed that the project is listed in Studio company Paramount. It remains only to determine the budget and cast, and shooting resumed.

And finally, it happened. Recruited actors, scheduled budget. Filming “top gun 2” was completed in late 2018, was planned to release the film by the summer of 2020. But the filmmakers decided to reshoot some scenes and perfect their work. Still need to combine modern technology with combat experience and skills of seasoned pilots, so it’s taken another year. Now the official release date of June 2021. Trailer yet.

The movie “top gun 2” in absentia dedicated to the memory of Tony Scott.

The crew

In the production is composed of myself Tom cruise. Previously he was the experience of a screenwriter, but now the actor has decided to lend a hand in producing. He was supported by Jerry Bruckheimer and David Ellison (“star trek: Nemesis”, 2013). The script was written by Peter Craig (“the Town”, 2010) and Justin marks (“the jungle Book”, 2016).

But finding the Director had to work. This place itself Tom cruise was nominated Christopher Macquarie, with whom they took a series of blockbusters: edge of tomorrow (2014), “Jack the giant Slayer” (2013). The Studio is leaning towards big brother Tony Scott, Ridley Scott (“G. I. Jane”, 1997, “Robin hood”, 2010), because he knows about 80s film and how they successfully revive. There was another option – Sam Mendes (“007: Coordinates Skyfall”, 2012, “007: Spectrum”, 2015). But in the end the Director’s chair was occupied by Joseph Kosinski (“Oblivion”, 2013, “Tron: Legacy”, 2010).

The best shot 2 – movie 2021

The cast

Company Tom cruise will again be Val Kilmer (“Mr. Nobody, 2010, “Between”, 2011), who played a classmate of Maverick and his archenemy, nicknamed Iceman. What will be the relationship of the characters in “top gun 2” is still unknown, but it is possible that they will reconcile. Or one save the other from great harm, as is usually the case.

The main female role was played by Jennifer Connelly (“Noah”, 2014, “Spider-Man: coming home,” 2017). According to rumors, it will become the beloved Maverick in the second part of top gun. Also on the list of actors includes Jon Hamm, miles teller, ed Harris and others.

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