The arguments for the final essay in 2021

Ahead of December and the first test of the series of exams waiting to be 11th graders in 2021 – final essay, which means it’s time to discuss which areas are most topical, whether to the topics of the arguments and their right to choose.

Official admission to the Examinations

With 2014 concluding, or as it is commonly called December, composition plays the role of official tolerance for the substantive session of GUIA 11. No exception and the 2020-2021 academic year. Graduates from all regions of the USA will be looking for literary arguments, and to reflect on important themes in the December works.

The arguments for the final essay in 2021

In 2020-2021 school year, the first test 11-graders expects 04.12.19.

In case of failure, the children will receive two extra attempts in the form of mulligans:

  • February 5, 2021;
  • 6 may 2021.

The theme of the final works are always kept secret until the moment of unpacking the official envelope (15 minutes prior to the test), but FIPI calls in advance the direction of the final works, which enables graduates to find arguments and to think about the structure of the work.

Of the important aspects of the final works worth noting:

  • the work is withdrawn 235 minutes (3 hours 55 min.);
  • for an additional 90 min. to eligible children with disabilities and graduates of correctional institutions;
  • the minimum quantity is 250 words;
  • the optimal amount to 350 words;
  • appreciate the work on the system “pass / fail”.

Important! In case of unsatisfactory result (“fail”) even after 3 attempts, or if the graduate did not write a final essay before the start of Exams, he will not be allowed to pass the main block of examinations.

The arguments for the final essay in 2021

Evaluation criteria

The assessment is based on the following main criteria:

  1. Compliance work given topic.
  2. Justified whether the selection of artworks to exemplify.
  3. How well matched the arguments for the final essay on the topic of 2021.
  4. Literacy (check for spelling and punctuation errors).
  5. The quality and purity of speech.

The arguments for the final essay in 2021

Important! The work receives a “fail” if the writing does not match the subject or examinee cites the examples not corresponding to the originally specified topics.

As you can see, the 3rd criterion answers the question of whether the arguments in the essay, appearing in some of the graduates on the stage of preparation for Exams 2021. Justification of the choice of sign and argument are essential parts of the work.

Also note that from 2020, the essay should contain the personal attitude of the examinee to the question at issue and the position of the author.

Argument position

One of the main tasks, the test taker is to pick the right arguments from the literature to the final essay of the year 2020-2021. As a support you can use:

  • artwork from the curriculum (domestic and foreign authors);
  • journalism;
  • the works of oral folk art (except for the minor genres);
  • sources of world literature;
  • the statements of the critics.

Important! In the work few to mention titles of works, each argument should be supported by concrete examples.

So, in the 2020-2021 academic year, FIPI offers the following directions:

  1. War and peace (the direction of mark the 150th anniversary of the great works of Leo Tolstoy);
  2. Hope and despair;
  3. Good and evil;
  4. Pride and humility;
  5. He and she.

To each of the proposed directions 2021 there is a fairly impressive list of works on the pages where you can find the arguments to the December essay. Some of the most popular works in the distribution of the directions:

The arguments for the final essay in 2021 The arguments for the final essay in 2021
The arguments for the final essay in 2021 The arguments for the final essay in 2021

To open the image in full screen or download the list, click on the picture.

It is worth noting that many positions from the lists for different directions will be repeated. Such works are called “universal”. They recommend Tutors and start preparing for the final essay.

Universal works

How to prepare for writing, even if there are no directions? At this stage, teachers are advised to allocate time to review the so-called “universal works”, in which you can find arguments for many and varied problems.

So, if you understand that you do not have time to read everything on the list above, well-designed:

The arguments for the final essay in 2021

Some of the works are lengthy, but there are very small, in the elaboration of which will take one evening. Recommend you not be lazy and go through each, making your list of arguments and examples in various areas .

What will be useful universal works while writing the final works, see this video:

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