The anti-corruption plan for the years 2018-2021

June 29, 2018, Russian President approved the national Assembly adopted a plan for combating corruption for the years 2018-2021. It presents the developed scheme of action for the different branches of government: legislative and Executive.

The anti-corruption plan for the years 2018-2021

Tasks NPC

The national anti-corruption plan (nppc) envisages the implementation of measures aimed at solution of such problems:

  1. Optimization of restrictive measures, restrictions, requirements, adopted in the anti-corruption purposes.
  2. The use of uniform procedures protective measures to enhance the effectiveness of the plan, and the prevention of conflicts of interest.
  3. The use of additional measures of regulation and control in public procurement of goods, services against legal entities involved in providing state or municipal needs.
  4. The unification of control measures, translating into revenue of the Russian Federation property, for which there is no documentary confirmation of its acquisition of legal earnings (includes luxury).
  5. Ensuring control of the reporting of income, property rights to authorized persons, increasing the transparency of such information.
  6. Raising awareness of the business community about the potential abuse of the officials of the state and municipal authorities, the suppression of acquiescing to such schemes.
  7. Organization of educational work in the society to form a correct understanding of anti-corruption legislation, to promote all measures among state and municipal employees, the formation of a clear public sense of justice.
  8. Reduction to uniform legal status of the legislation in relation to policies associated with the suppression of corruption and mutual coordination of all pre-existing contradictions.
  9. Addressing gaps in legislation, potvorstvuet the emergence of illegal business schemes.
  10. The inclusion of Russia into the international system of combating corruption, enhancing the authority of the state on the international world stage.

The anti-corruption plan for the years 2018-2021

The list of events

In order to execute the set tasks to the Government of the Russian Federation, the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of labour, the Ministry of justice, the Federal Assembly and the Prosecutor General’s office proposed stages, the achievement of which will help in the implementation of the strategy of counteraction of corruption.

Two thousand eighteen

In 2018 there was an introduction of restrictive measures against the activities of some of the incumbents occupying positions designed to track the performance of anti-corruption legislation.

Includes a list of officials of Federal bodies of state power, responsible for the development and implementation of nppc.

The Cabinet has determined the methods of sociological research for the analysis of measures of implementation of anti-corruption and implementation of anti-corruption schemes in all regions.

The anti-corruption plan for the years 2018-2021

Two thousand twenty

The strategic direction for the Government of the Russian Federation in the period of 2020:

  1. February — formulate the circumstances of force majeure, the occurrence of which will not result in the recognition of offences in the field nppc, the inclusion of this list in the draft legislation.
  2. March – selected criteria, failure of which will be deemed an offence anti-corruption plan. The rationale for the choice of a measure of restraint against the employee who committed the offense or group of officials, and which will be subject to the punishment: dismissal, fines or imprisonment. Also define the list of aggravating and mitigating circumstances failure to comply with hosapital and limitations.
  3. To make the civil services collect personal data on employees applying for the position of municipal state or Federal level, information next of kin: parents, spouses, brothers, sisters, children, the scope of activities which may cause conflict of public and private interests.
  4. To provide in July a report on the implementation of anti-corruption strategy in public procurement of goods, works and services.
  5. Conduct a public hearing about the formation of a package of procurement: under gosnuzhdy in the amount of 50 million rubles; the needs of municipalities from 5 million rubles.

The Prosecutor General’s office, beginning in February 2020, is obliged to annually inform the Chairman of the Presidium of the actions and activities of law enforcement bodies to identify corruption schemes and applied punishments to all the participants and officials.

The anti-corruption plan for the years 2018-2021

Two thousand twenty one

The government should conduct annual monitoring report 01.09.2021 on the effectiveness of measures in the sphere of execution of the national plan of counteraction of corruption and the settlement occurs during the execution of a conflict of interests of the parties.

Senior officials of the Federal entities should strengthen the control over anti-corruption strategy of the country and provide annual reporting February 1 for the previous reporting period. The final report on implementation NPC is 01.12.2021 G.

The Ministry of labour in close cooperation with the Prosecutor General should be every six months on 15 March and 15 September to report on issues of conflict of interest of parties involved in the process of implementation of anticorruption legislation and nppc.

One of the sections of the national plan of counteraction of corruption for 2018-2021 year is dedicated to education and the possibility of obtaining a grant for these purposes. To promote and conduct research to determine the effectiveness of legal literacy of the population, scientific support for anti-corruption education will be supported at the state level. Also initiated the involvement of the scientific elite of the leading economic and law schools for legal expertise formulated acts for countering corruption in the Russian Federation.

Latest news

21 may 2020, the Plenipotentiary representative of the RF President Igor Komarov held in Nizhny Novgorod meeting of the Board on the implementation of the National plan of counteraction of corruption in the Volga Federal district, in which he said that in the regions the improvement of the procedures of public procurement and reduction of corruption risks.

The implementation of targeted anti-corruption projects in the Republic of Mordovia, the Chuvash and Udmurt republics. Igor Komarov also urged all participants to pay attention to the strengthening of control over observance by employees and officers with requirements of the anticorruption legislation.

The anti-corruption plan for the years 2018-2021

In March 2020, was conducted by “the governmental hour” with participation of the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika, in which was discussed the need to improve rule of law and redress corruption.

Vasily Piskarev, the Chairman of Committee of the state Duma, spoke in the appeal that the scope of budget implementation is still the most corrupt. In addition, it was noted that in 2020 there is a positive trend of damages caused by economic crime. However, the damages amounted to only 23.5 per cent, if you consider the case to court.

Also, ccording to the Parliament that in 2018 the country was derived more than 73 billion rubles., by questionable transactions.

The anti-corruption plan for the years 2018-2021

June 3, 2020, the RF government approved the mapping of corruption, which includes a mechanism for conducting opinion polls in various regions. In the polls will not be open to citizens related to religious, social and political activities (military, civil servants, etc.).

Contour map represents the first in the USA a Federal system of sociological evaluation of corruption,however the Federal level it is almost not affected. However, she will be divided into “domestic” business” part.

Vladimir Putin approved the national anti-corruption plan 2021: video

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