The allowance for the first child in 2021

In 2021, allowances for the first child will be indexed, as of January parents will be able to count on a significant increase in payments – the relevant law was signed by the President on August 3, 2020. Who will relate to innovation?

Which financial assistance is put to parents?

The birth of a firstborn entitle of financial assistance. First, from the provisions of the amounts paid is in fact the birth of a baby regardless of what it on the account. February 1, 2021 will be indexed (index 2020 will be multiplied by a factor of 1,038). The family will receive at the hands of 18 143,95 RUB.

The allowance for the first child in 2021

Were working prior to going on maternity leave, employees under contract or trained mothers necessary allowance for pregnancy and childbirth – its size is calculated based on the average daily income/cash allowance/stipend (at least in 2021 will be 398,80, maximum 2 301,37 RUB).

When the first child is born are provided a monthly allowance. To one and a half years, the mother receives an amount linked to the minimum wage it pays to the employer. With 01.01.20 g. its minimum size will be 4 852,00 RUB, maximum – 27 984,66 RUB Idle money accrues on social protection.

The poor in 2018 will receive financial support (it works with the child’s birth and up to six years). How much will you give for the first child in 2021? The answer depends on the size of the child subsistence minimum established in the region – that such a sum is put in need of state support to mothers and other persons dependent on which the child is.

After your baby turns one and a half years to the three years, payments are continued, but the amount decreases significantly (supposed to only 50 rubles).

With 01.01.20 will be a new book for children – it will be a logical continuation of payments received by the poor parents from the state of 1 January 2018.


With 01.01.18 g. parents confirmed the status of the poor, began to receive monthly financial assistance for the firstborn until the age of one and a half years (amount set at the level of regional children’s subsistence minimum). Right it have only families, whose average income per person is below half a living wage. A useful initiative was a good tool in terms of high prices for baby items and food. But the problem was not solved, because the amount of payments after this period remained the same (50 RUB).

The allowance for the first child in 2021

This amount no longer meets the realities of the time – she was enshrined in law in 1994 and, despite considerable changes in the ruble and prices have never been revised. Because of this, the allowance paid by employers to parents has lost all meaning. The question of its increase has been brewing a long time ago – in June 2020, the state Duma adopted a new bill that solves a painful problem.

After taking N 305-FZ of 02.08.19 the law was amended. In 2021 the payment for the first child in the size established in the regions of the children’s subsistence level will be implemented up to three years.

In 2020, the country the average size of the child subsistence minimum is 9 950 rubles – the maximum numbers are set in the Nenets Autonomous district (21 of 427 RUB.), the lowest – in the Tambov region (8 807 rubles).

Intended for financial aid?

Earlier financial assistance from the social security had the right family, the average monthly income per member was lower than a half of the subsistence minimum (the numbers in the regions are different). From 2021, the criteria will change – the average income will be compared to two minimum. This will increase the number of families receiving the money for the firstborn until the age of three years. The same allowance will be able to get the parents at the birth of a second child, but the payment sources are different.

The sources of money

Income support for the first child as to one and a half and up to three years provided by the state. For the second child payments will be made from the funds of the parent capital – if it is contrary to the interests of the family, then they may be waived.

The allowance for the first child in 2021

Why payments not impose on the employer? Such a step would lead to serious increase in the burden on business. Response could be “shadow” salaries, which is extremely disadvantageous for the state and for the recipients of the money.

How to get?

Money is awarded to the person caring for the child – it can be mother, father, close relative, guardian, having Russian citizenship. To apply to the territorial body of social protection, not necessarily to do it immediately after the baby is born – it is only important to do before the age of one and a half years. If the family really has a low monthly income, you application will be approved. Despite the fact that the allowance of up to three years essentially was a continuation of the “old” (up to six years), make it separate.

The allowance for the first child in 2021

When calculating the average income takes into account all of the financial income, except child benefits (from 2020 are not taken into account). The total annual amount and divide by 12 months and the number of family members.

In 2021 the figure will be compared to two minimum. Before signing the application, the social services will have to make sure that the family really needs government support and not hide their income.

The amount of child benefits is gradually increasing – in February of each year the amounts are indexed to compensate for inflation.

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