The action plan in the library for 2021

With the development of modern technology and the increasing fascination with children and adolescents as well as adults, the virtual world in 2021 the need to visit the library gradually disappears. Therefore, the work plan must meet the needs of his contemporaries. To improve productivity, to offer the visitor some interesting information (including in the form of activities), which is not only able to instill or maintain a love for the book, but also to be informative and interesting.

The new life library

Over the past few years the popularity of libraries is rapidly falling. Modern man rarely visits these educational institutions, especially, after graduation. This phenomenon has several explanations:

  • active development of the Internet, which has become a quick and convenient source of information on almost any topic;
  • the increased availability of publications;
  • the increasing use of electronic versions of books cost the buyer much cheaper than paper, does not occupy a place in the house and you can read them through any gadget in any convenient place;
  • General reduction in the number of the reading population.

The action plan in the library for 2021

The last factor is the most difficult to troubleshoot because it tells about the decrease of people’s interest in improving their own education and the development of intellectual abilities. For its elaboration is necessary to influence primarily on the younger generation, which should instill a love of reading from school.

To interest the youth of today should not only provide access to current literature, but also to organize different events of educational character. Their tasks should include:

  • presenting new and interesting to the younger generation information;
  • a new look at the “classic” problems;
  • presentation of world and national cultural heritage;
  • discussing urgent problems that are important to modern society.

Despite the fact that the Internet is a direct competitor of libraries, such events could explain the younger generation all the details of the safe use of the global network. The mass dissemination of false information, which is more resonant, can distort the reality and to introduce the man astray, forming a wrong image. It is therefore important to focus not on the emotion of the text, and analyze the source.

To attract people in middle age, is important to improve access to professional literature (business, psychology, evidence-based medicine, etc.). It may not necessarily be expensive books that always come up short. Many publishers provide access to their literature through online portals that require subscription. The same applies to periodicals.

The action plan in the library for 2021

Plan school library

Note. One of the methods of prevention of senile dementia (dementia) is a constant intellectual activity. Thus, a simple reading may be the key to long-term preservation of mental abilities.

In the preparation of the work plan the school of information and library center for the 2020-2021 year, you should consider the implementation of several major tasks:

  • work with the training Fund, which includes verification of availability and condition of educational and methodical literature according to the approved curriculum;
  • working with a key asset: a study of the composition of the Fund based on the needs of educational process;
  • working with users of the library.

With users just can use to promote libraries. The plan of the school library in 2020-2021 can include activities for students and parents on various subjects.

The action plan in the library for 2021

Memorable dates

Calendar 2020-2021 school year filled with different events. They can be used for talks, exhibitions and performances to illuminate the topic. In addition to the basic (the Day of Knowledge, Teachers, etc.) can highlight the following interesting events:

  • 08.09. – Literacy day.
  • 22.09. – The IG Nobel prize;
  • 30.09. – Day Of The Internet;
  • 07.10. – Smile day;
  • 24.10. – International day of school libraries;
  • 10.11. – Science day;
  • 18.11. – The birthday of Santa Claus;
  • 11.01. – Day of reserves and national parks USA;
  • 17.01. – Day of children’s inventions;
  • 21.02. – International mother language day;
  • 21.03. – World poetry day;
  • 23.04. – The world day of books and copyright;
  • 15.05. – International day of families.

View anniversaries can look in the form of an exhibition of children’s essays or drawings, presentations and conversations in the library.

The action plan in the library for 2021

Anniversaries of writers

In 2020-2021 school year, a lot of people anniversaries which have already gone down in history, leaving to their posterity a rich artistic heritage.

  • 13.09. 125 years of the English writer George.B. Priestley;
  • 15.09. – 230 years of the American writer John.F. Cooper;
  • 29.09. – 115-th anniversary of Russian playwright N. And. Ostrovsky;
  • 15.10. – 205-th anniversary of Russian poet M. Y. Lermontov;
  • 18.10. – 85 would have turned science fiction and the historian Kira Bulycheva;
  • 21.11. – 325-th anniversary of the French philosopher Voltaire;
  • 02.01. – The 100th anniversary of the science fiction writer Isaac Asimov;
  • 17.01. – 160 years of Russian prose writer and playwright A. P. Chekhov;
  • 10.02. – 130 years of Russian poet Boris Pasternak;
  • 02.04. – The 180th anniversary of the French writer Emile Zola;
  • 24.05. – 115 years of the Soviet novelist Mikhail Sholokhov.

The action plan in the library for 2021

Educational activities

In libraries, you can organize various kinds of activities that have educational, cognitive and educational in nature. To create it is possible to involve the school psychologist, students, parents, and interesting personalities (local poets, artists, travelers, etc.). It is also advisable to create creative circles, contributing to the development of the imagination.

Here are a few ideas diverse leisure activities for children and parents:

  • review the latest children’s fiction by contemporary authors;
  • browse the best books for creative work (e.g., knitting lessons, modeling from clay, decoupage, etc.);
  • thematic brain-ring in the story of the works of school literature or creative and life-cycle author (as prizes you can use diplomas or beautiful cards);
  • competition of readers;
  • the list of songs to words by famous poets (as in modern interpretation);
  • viewing old photographs of his native city describing memorable events;
  • discussing cultural attractions (museums, theatres, etc.) of local significance, with the possible prospect of their visit;
  • report on tourist trips, which were made by local travelers, or you can take the whole family or a class;
  • creative workshops: quilling, creating figures out of plaster, exploring different artistic techniques, beading, creating crafts of sewing, painting cups, and more;
  • interviews with parents and children on the vital topics: the period of growing up, personal space, the formation of an independent personality, trust issues, and behavior.

The action plan in the library for 2021

Information for such events can be found in books or on the Internet. For clarity it is recommended to use visual reinforcements: pictures, posters, and presentations. When conducting educational talks and trainings it is better to use a method where all participants sit in a circle. This has the effect of equalizing participants, and allows you to closely watch and listen to each speaker.

Diversity and creativity will help to make the library a popular place where guests can spend time reading books, and you can meet interesting people.

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