The accountant’s day in 2021

Professional holiday is a time to thank for work of representatives of different specialties and to give homage for selected once way. Other “peaceful” professions, accounting is considered to be one of the most complex and demanding. After all, the job of an accountant is not just counting numbers, but the real responsibility for the work done – sometimes financial, sometimes personal.

What day is the Day of accountant in our country? The answer to this question is far from simple. The fact that a similar, i.e. with a similar name, holidays, several. First and foremost, it is a common Day in the USA.

The accountant’s day in 2021 is celebrated on the 21st of November, Saturday.

Oddly enough, the number of official and professional holidays, this event is not included. Yes despite the fact that celebrating the Day of the accountant every year, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people in our country, at the state level, this holiday does not exist. And that means that the day this celebration is not.

The accountant's day in 2021

Selected the date in honor of the signing of the law “On accounting” — November 21, 1996, legislation was passed in USA, and in 2002 at the second Congress of accountants, it was decided to note own corporate event. However, the decision is left only at the level of the community of professionals of accounting, that is the official status of the event and were not fixed.

Again the question of the status of a professional celebration it has been raised only twelve years later – in 2014. However, the question of the inclusion of holiday in the official list of trade days USA still remains open.

The accountant's day in 2021

The day of accountant in the regions

Due to the fact that at the Federal level, the status of the celebration is not fixed, there is quite a lot of confusion and inconsistencies. So, in some areas the regional government has found it necessary to establish their own health.

  • Yaroslavl oblast celebrates this day in the first account of the April Sunday;
  • Volgograd oblast is celebrating anaesthesia Day in the fall, November 1;
  • Krasnoyarsk Krai has decided to honor the employee of the calculator 12 November;
  • Krasnodar Krai – on the first Sunday of December;
  • Tatarstan celebrates the day of the accountant is also in November, but in last Friday.

Your holiday is and accountants . The celebration is called the Day of Moscow accountant and is celebrated on November 16. Petersburg decided to celebrate their skilled accounting workers a day earlier – on November 15.

The feast in honor of the keepers – the second version

In addition to the known Day is another holiday with a very similar name – Day of the chief accountant or accountant. This is another reason for the confusion with dates. Moreover, this event is celebrated in the spring, and questions about the exact date of the occasion can cause difficulty for many.

Day chief accountant falls on April 21. In 2021 the holiday falls on a Tuesday.

Day accountant is also not included in the official professional days, is not a holiday.

In whose honor was chosen this number? The starting point was the release date of the magazine “chief accountant” in the literal sense of the support of all the professionals of the accounting.

The accountant's day in 2021

International version

Finally, the third option of the professional holiday of all accountants international accountant’s day. And this is perhaps the most famous and widespread version profane. By the way, is also celebrated in autumn.

World anaesthesia day the world celebrates November 10.

In English it sounds like the celebration of International Accounting Day or, if briefly, Accountant”s Day — the Day of accountant.

Date is chosen not accidentally. At the end of the XV century appears the book “Everything about arithmetic, geometry and proportion” authored by a certain Luca Pacioli, a Venetian scholar and teacher. In fact, the Talmud contain all the knowledge about the mathematics of the middle ages.

The work Luca Pacioli was so meaningful and significant that the author called the father of accounting. By the way, most of the principles of commercial bookkeeping described by Pacioli, has reached our time practically unchanged and is used until now.

The accountant's day in 2021

This day in other countries

Their professional holiday accountants have and our neighbors in the CIS.

  • Kyrgyzstan – on April 3;
  • Moldova – 4 April;
  • Ukraine – 16 July;
  • Kazakhstan – November 6;
  • Uzbekistan – 9 Dec.

In these countries, unlike the USA, the accountant is enshrined in law, that is considered to be the approved professional triumph. However, in none of these States is not among the official holidays.

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