Tesla Roadster 2021

Tesla Roadster 2021 will be the second model of electric sports car company. Your first Tesla Roadster was released in 2008.

Development of a model for 2021 was launched in 2014 and according to the plans of the electric car needs to have the following advantages:

• bright appearance;

• significant dynamic performance;

• high mileage on a single charge of the battery;

• the highest environmental parameters;

Tesla Roadster 2021

The nearest competitors of a novelty it is possible to classify the following patterns:

  1. Porsche Mission E;
  2. Ariel Hipercar;
  3. Rimac Concept One;
  4. Genovation GXE;
  5. Nio EP9.

The creation and production of electric Roadster, as conceived by the manufacturer, are designed to keep the leading position in the fast-growing segment of sports cars.


Designers created a bright and sporty look of the Tesla Roadster model year 2021 emphasizes the uniqueness of the electric vehicle.

The exterior of the model is formed:

  • the strong angle of the windshield and the hood;
  • a narrow line of led optics head;
  • powerful and protruding front wheel arches;
  • rounded roof line;
  • deep curly patterns front punch;
  • inclined Central struts;
  • a wide rear window with increased slope;
  • a thin strip of rear combination lamps;
  • spoiler for aerodynamic racks;
  • smooth transitions between elements of the aft;
  • dark protective panel back.

Tesla Roadster 2021 Tesla Roadster 2021

To change the appearance of the sports car, turning it into a convertible, perhaps by removing the easily removable glass roof. In this shot the roof can be freely placed in the trunk. This transformation emphasizes the uniqueness of elektriraudtee Tesla.


Quadruple beauty news surprises and impresses no less than the external way.

Tesla Roadster 2021

Among the most innovative solutions in this area include:

  • the lack of a traditional steering wheel is replaced on the wheel, which is very similar to an aircraft;
  • the use of the projection display together instead of the classic instrument panel;
  • huge center console with built-in widescreen monitor with touch control multiple systems electrocar;
  • special anatomical design of the front seats with the back turning into the headrest;
  • cozy compact back sofa;
  • massive side and Central armrests;
  • the complete absence of various keys, buttons and levers to control a variety of equipment.

Tesla Roadster 2021 Tesla Roadster 2021

In the interior, applied high-quality plastic, brushed aluminium and soft flooring. Color scheme and finishing materials designed in soft white and grey tones.

Technical equipment

High dynamic parameters of electroradio provide four-wheel drive and three electric motors, with two motors mounted on the rear axle, and one on the front. The total capacity of power units is 10,000 Nm. As the power supply uses a lithium-ion battery capacity of 250 kWh.

Tesla Roadster 2021 Tesla Roadster 2021

  • the mass of electric – 1,81 t;
  • battery weight – 455 kg;
  • time to full charge the battery from the home network – 3.5 hours;
  • mileage on a single charge – 990 km;
  • acceleration to 100 km/h is 1.93 seconds. up to 160 km/h – 4,18 sec.;
  • maximum speed – 400 km/h.

To the structural features of the product should include a wide use of composite materials and aluminum to construct the body and using in chassis double-wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension. Switching movement modes occurs via a two-speed box shifts gears. The first pass provides an initial set speed, and the second increase to a maximum value and a smooth ride.

Tesla Roadster 2021

At the moment we know about the following equipment that will be available for electric vehicle:

  • the entrance to the salon without a key;
  • custom steering column;
  • servo;
  • voice control;
  • memory settings for seats, steering wheel, exterior mirror for several drivers;
  • fully led optics;
  • all-round visibility;
  • panoramic roof;
  • full electro;
  • anti-lock braking system;
  • all intelligent automatic anti-dazzle glasses;
  • navigation system;
  • Hi-Fi system;
  • the climate system;
  • avtoparkova;
  • light alloy 22-inch wheels
  • radar cruise control;
  • complex Autonomous driving;
  • automatic control of head light;
  • front and front curtains, as well as the airbag;
  • device for fast charging of the battery;
  • active air suspension with memory settings;
  • the instant acceleration.

Tesla Roadster 2021

According to information from the company Tesla electronuclear will be done in two trim levels — base and sport.

Home sales

Sales of the electric sports car will traditionally begin in America. The price of Tesla Roadster release 2021 starts at $ 200,000. Currently, the manufacturer has already started collecting orders for the fastest electric car in the world, with the initial payment for the acquisition of new items is $ 50,000. To perform a pre-order with the introduction of the prescribed fee possible Russian official dealers of Tesla.

also see the video enchanting views and first review of the new Tesla Roadster, which should go on sale in the beginning of 2021:

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