Teacher’s day in 2021: what date and date

Teacher’s day in 2021 is celebrated as usual-on September 27. The date remains unchanged from year to year. This holiday is always celebrated in all preschool institutions. After all, working with children is not an easy task, requiring especially patience and endurance. Traditionally, matinees and craft exhibitions are held on this day. Teachers are congratulated by both parents and children themselves.

History of occurrence

Teacher’s day was introduced in 2004. Before that, all employees in this field were congratulated on the teacher’s Day. Thanks to the initiative of pedagogical publications, parents of activists and authors of educational programs, a separate date was established. At the same time, September 27 was not chosen by chance. In 1863, the opening of the first kindergarten was celebrated on this day. It happened on Vasilyevsky island in St. Petersburg.

Preschool education in our country has not been given due attention for quite a long time. In tsarist America, the nobles simply hired nannies, and the poor did not have the opportunity to pay for any training. Kindergartens began to gain popularity after the 1917 revolution. First, they took children aged 3 to 5 years.

Initially, the day of the teacher was popular. Gradually, it began to be celebrated in all preschool institutions. Now the celebration is official. The main idea of the holiday is to draw public attention to the problems and difficulties of preschool education and training. It is at this age that children develop an idea of the world, a personality is formed,and social values are laid. Thanks to the caregivers, the child gets to know the surrounding space and learns to love his country.

Teacher's day in 2021: what date and date

As noted

Matinees are held in kindergartens in honor of the teacher’s Day. Children perform dance routines, read poems, and sing. In addition, the holiday program includes various competitions in which both children themselves, teachers and parents participate. Very often, craft exhibitions are held on this day, colorful wall Newspapers are drawn, and photo collages are created. The choice of celebration options is limited only by the imagination of the organizers.

Honored workers are awarded certificates of honor and valuable gifts. Parents and children say congratulations and words of gratitude and, of course, present bouquets of flowers. On this day, not a single kindergarten worker is left without attention.

What can I give you as a gift

When choosing a gift for a caregiver or nanny, preference should be given to simple, uncomplicated things. Most often, parents give flowers and a beautiful set of sweets. Such a gift is especially relevant for those who have just entered kindergarten and have not yet managed to get to know the teacher well.

Another relevant option is to present a gift certificate. Now it is offered to buy almost all stores and retail chains. With the certificate, the teacher will independently choose what she likes.

Teacher's day in 2021: what date and date

Where else are they marked

Teacher’s day in 2021 will also be celebrated in America. There, this holiday was officially introduced in 2008. As in America, it falls on September 27.

There is no official holiday in Kazakhstan and Belarus. But, despite this, on September 27, all nannies and caregivers are congratulated there. Just like in America, concerts and various competitions are organized in honor of them. In most other countries, educators and teachers are not separated, but rather congratulated together on the same day.

Interesting facts about kindergartens

  • The name” kindergarten ” was first used by the German educator F. A. Schulz. Froebel. It was he who voiced the idea that” children are the flowers of life”, and therefore they need a garden in which only the most skilled gardeners will work.
  • In tsarist America, attending kindergartens was very expensive. At that time, they were preparing for school. The first free institution was opened only in 1866.
  • The first kindergartens in Soviet America were called “home hearth”. At that time, the main task of institutions of this type was to free mothers from the hassle of upbringing, so that they could work for the benefit of the Motherland.
  • The first nurseries appeared only in the post-war period. They took children at least 2 months old.
  • A year before the first official celebration, the teacher’s Day was celebrated in St. Petersburg. The celebration was timed to the 140th anniversary of the first kindergarten. After that, a letter of recommendation was sent to each region, suggesting that the holiday should be made nationwide.

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