Teacher’s day in 2021

Teacher’s day 2021 – holiday special. On this day we honor those who not only helps to gain knowledge but teaches life is an example for children.

What day is celebrated

The date of the annual holiday confusion. The fact that some time ago the celebration was floating, floating date – the first October Sunday. In the modern USA festival coincides with international World Teachers’ Day world teachers ‘ day. It is celebrated on 5 October.

In 2021, the teacher’s Day falls on Monday, 5 October.

Teacher's day in 2021

Included in the list of professional, memorable days, is not a holiday (except for those cases when a holiday falls on a Sunday).

The history of the emergence

The opinions of historians differ, and therefore there are two versions of occurrence of the holiday.

The first version

Russian holiday – the successor of the old Soviet teachers ‘ Day, celebrated in the Soviet Union the first Sunday in October since 1965. The founder of the new at the time of the event was the Presidium of the Supreme Council, initiated by the distinguished group of educators, supported the journalists.

Official the existence of the celebration ceased with the collapse of the Soviet Union, however, until 1994, celebrated annually in all schools across the country on the same day – the first October weekend. Although it would be better to say that the output of the previous Friday: on this day the students were congratulated by favorite teachers, gave them bouquets and gifts, the congratulations were often joined by parents.

Since 1994, the celebration has acquired a fixed date of 5 October. In the opinion of the layman significant changes have occurred to this year’s events took place around the same time. So a change of date of celebration has passed almost unnoticed.

Teacher's day in 2021

The second version

World teachers ‘ day appeared more than a quarter century ago: in 1994 UNESCO established a new holiday in honor of all educators, from teachers of pre-school groups to professors-lecturers of universities. The new date for the event was chosen to commemorate important for teachers event – adoption of a Recommendation “concerning the status of teachers” 5 October 1966.

At the international conference held in 1966 in Paris, was first affected not just global issues on education. Congress participants spoke on the legal status of those who assist in the acquisition of knowledge – teachers. According to the reports of lecturers from different countries were revealed significant difference in social and financial status of teachers. Part of the rapporteurs appealed to the representatives of UNESCO with the request to eliminate existing discrimination.

In addition, revealed a significant difference of teachers ‘ training for children of different age groups. The resolution draws attention to two aspects of activities, simultaneously affecting a few more questions. In fact, the recommendation was the first international document that identified the role of those who work in education, and its importance in society.

This day in other countries

About how to celebrate teacher’s Day in the USA, everyone knows is a celebratory concert prepared by the students themselves, flowers, gifts, awarded to the homeroom teachers and loved “the subject”. In the CIS countries – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Ukraine – the traditions are almost identical. But world teachers ‘ day is an international holiday, so celebrated in other countries, and not everywhere it falls on 5 October.

Teacher's day in 2021


Participate in congratulating the teachers, usually the students of Junior and middle managers. Giving gifts on 5 October, it is not accepted, and therefore, the children greet teachers with a concert. After the speech, teachers and parents organized a “sweet table”, however, without children – so adults communicate in an informal setting, but on professional topics.


I congratulate their favorite teachers and German students is very simple – schoolchildren give a hand made card or a small souvenir, older students limited verbal greetings in the class.

In America, the national teacher’s Day is celebrated in may, and the majority of activities taking place outdoors. This can be a special charitable fair, organized by faculty and students, a concert, which traditionally involved almost the whole class, school or a marathon dedicated to the celebration of sports. Not less than a mandatory attribute – small gifts made by the hands of students. Well, if the teacher lives nearby, it is quite possible to come to him this day “neighborly” and to buy a freshly baked pie.


In this country teachers honored on September 10th. The mandatory attributes of the holiday school concert and luxury bouquets, which are handed to each teacher.

Teacher's day in 2021


But the people of Argentina went on all and announced the Day of teachers day. So the whole country is with double pleasure to congratulate teachers on September 11. Of course, with gifts, flowers and just warm words of wishes.

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